A city courtyard garden.

My boyfriend Steve has been working very hard at getting our courtyard garden top notch for the summer months. He has spent hours cleaning the terracotta tiles and re-painting the walls here and there. I think it looks lovely. We have been to our local farmers market and picked up numerous flowering plants. 

Steve planted up some hanging baskets that are beginning to mature. In a few weeks they should have some wonderful trailing flowers. (Fingers crossed!)


He also picked up what we think is a cherry tree for a fiver.. Bargain! Although I think our little courtyard might get engulfed sooner rather than later!

Steve’s parents have given us some tomato plants so I am excited for our tomato harvest later on in the year! Blog to follow perhaps?? 

I am really looking forward to the good weather to finally arrive..eating breakfast and lunch in the sunshine. I want to barbecue and sit with friends and enjoy the balmy summer nights with good food and wine. It can’t come soon enough for me!


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