A Few Of My Favourite Things

I guess you all know by now if you follow my blog that I love all things vintage. My love of vintage jewellery is right up there alongside my vintage crockery collection! I love the craftsmanship that you don’t seem to get these days. I found this brooch on a visit to The Vintage Trading Company back in November with Alex and Steve. I was instantly drawn to it in all its sparkling beauty. I desperately wanted it but just didn’t have the funds that day so begrudgingly left it behind. I was telling a friend of mine all about it. Lucy’s partner Andy has a stall at the Vintage Trading Company and she said she would keep an eye out for me to see if she could find it the next time she was there. One Saturday I got a text from Lucy with a photo asking if she had found the piece I had fallen in love with. She had! I couldn’t believe that something so beautiful hadn’t sold. She asked if she should get it for me.. I said definately “yes!!”

A few weeks past before we had a date in the diary to meet up again so I waited… Lucy and I popped for a hot chocolate at the Christmas market in Exeter and she presented me with the brooch and said it was an early Christmas gift! As you can imagine I was over the moon! It really is a thing of beauty! Thank you again Lucy.

I though our hot chocolates from  Camper Coffee at the Christmas market were particularly lovely with their creamy, chocolate hearts.

This little creature Sicily is the most beautiful cat in the whole world. Not only is she stunning to look at but she is the most loving cat I have known since the passing of my ginger munchkin Miss Marple. I adore her. She has filled the whole in my heart that developed when Miss Marple passed and I am thankful for that. I would like to thank Chris Gower from Eating Exeter for the pictures. They are wonderful and capture her beautifully.

I am looking forward to the Christmas celebrations ahead. For me the entertaining and socialising side of Christmas is my favourite part. This is where Tara’s Busy Kitchen was born.. Around the table, socialising with family and friends. Tara’s Busy Kitchen isn’t just about food. It’s about everything that happens around a table in the kitchen. I have had some amazing times with friends and family enjoying good food but also putting the world to rights in my busy kitchen.!

Have a wonderful Christmas everybody. I can’t wait to show you how I spent mine.

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