Afternoon Tea with Liberty Cakes

Last Sunday I invited some friends over for afternoon tea. Not just any afternoon tea though. This tea was focussed around some rather wonderful vegan and gluten free tarts and brownies from Liberty Cakes U.K. I discovered Liberty Cakes whilst visiting the Brew Food Festival in Taunton recently. I got talking to Sam, the owner about her raw tarts and brownies and immediately I was intrigued. All of her tarts and brownies are allergy free which is great for those out there who suffer with allergies or who are following a vegan diet. Or even people like me who just like yummy things!

I was a little sceptical initially as I always imagine vegan cakes to be very dense as there’s no egg in them to create that lift but, I guess that’s why these brownies work so well. Brownies in my opinion should be fudgy and dense and these beauties didn’t disappoint. We had two flavours for our afternoon tea. Chocolate and raspberry plus chocolate and walnut. The four of us devoured them over tea and unanimously voted the chocolate and walnut brownies as our top choice. The combination of gooey, fudgy, rich chocolate brownie with the crunch of the walnut was a winning combination.

Sam’s raw tarts are uncooked and unprocessed. They are completely delicious. Keeping them in their raw state means all of the nutrients are locked tight inside. It allows all vitamins, minerals and enzymes to stay undisturbed so that our bodies can absorb all the nutrients more readily. We had three flavours at our afternoon tea. Chocolate and raspberry, chocolate and peanut butter and chocolate, fig and walnut. Each tart is made by hand in Sam’s “free from” kitchen in Stoke Sub Hamdon, near Yeovil in Somerset. She has a food hygiene rating of 5 with the Food Standards Agency so you an be assured that the tarts and cakes are made with love in a clean environment. Each tart is dairy free, gluten free and sugar free although you would never know it.

The raw chocolate and raspberry tart was the winner here as we all nibbled our way through the selection. We found the sharp zing of the freeze dried raspberries a perfect match for the rich chocolate filling.

We all felt very virtuous as we helped ourselves to seconds, thirds and fourths as there is absolutely no rubbishy ingredients to worry about. Of course we had to try everything on display didn’t we?!

Thank you to Sam at Liberty Cakes for sending me a selection of her wonderful “free from” tarts and cakes. We thought they were delicious and the fact that they are made locally is an absolute bonus. For anyone out there with allergies and intolerances search out Liberty Cakes for their full selection of tarts and brownies. They also do the most amazing selection of nut butters that are free from oil and salt and are so flavourful.

Disclaimer; I was sent the Liberty Cakes tarts and brownies for review. I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own. 

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