Black Tor Porter Onion Soup 

Black Tor Porter Onion Soup
Black Tor Porter Onion Soup 
Serves 6
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  1. 25g butter
  2. 1 tbsp olive oil
  3. 6 onions,thinly sliced
  4. 3 garlic clove, thinly sliced
  5. 2 tbsp flour
  6. 300ml Black Tor Brewery Porter
  7. 1.3l vegetable stock (or beef if you are a meat eater)
  8. splash Worcestershire sauce
  9. Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Heat the butter and oil in a large pan and gently cook the onion and garlic until very soft and golden. Increase heat slightly and cook until brown – about 20-40 mins in total.
  2. Stir in the flour for 2 mins, then stir in the beer and bring to a simmer for a few mins. Add the stock, bring back to a simmer, then season with salt and pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Keep warm until you are ready to serve.
  1. I served my soup with some oozing cheese on toast. I drizzled some natural yoghurt over the soup, sprinkled some mature grated cheddar and added a few thyme leaves for decoration. Of course it is up to you how you serve it.
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