My October

I like October. I like the golden hues, the pumpkin-spiced everything’s, the chilly starts, the jumpers. What I don’t like is the rain. Crikey, have we had rain? For the first two weeks, it rained cats and dogs. I love that saying. It does make me laugh. I imagine little fluffy cats and wet-nosed dogsRead more

My August

One Mile Bakery What a treat to be invited to the One Mile Bakery. I love baking but had never tried making a yeasted loaf before. My bread making efforts have taken the form of flatbreads and soda bread so learning something new excited me. I spent the best part of a day with BoudiccaRead more

My July

My July

My oh my, what a July! I can’t get over the weather we have been having. Week upon week of sunshine is virtually unheard of in Blighty but it just keeps on shining. I love it! Spending time outside, warm summer evenings and alfresco dining have been highlights for sure. The sunshine also gave meRead more