Summerfields Cheese

Cheesey Summerfields Alpine Sprouts

With the holiday season approaching I have to ask that age old question. Are you a sprout lover or a hater? I can categorically say that for as long as I can remember, sprouts have always been a favourite of mine and not that token Christmas Day veg. For my friend Serena on the otherRead more

Decadent Rocky Road Terrine

Decadent Rocky Road Terrine

You know when that 4pm slump happens and you crave a little sweet treat? Well this easy to make Decadent Rocky Road Terrine is the bomb and will ease you on your way to home time! Its just an assembly job once you’ve melted your chocolate, butter and agave syrup together. It couldn’t be simpler..Read more

Beetroot and Feta Tarts #OrganicSeptember

At this time of year when the seasons begin to change I look to food with a little more depth. Food that provides comfort when it’s  grey and miserable outside. These tarts do just that… As most of my readers know I love using local and organic produce wherever possible and Shillingford Organics always comeRead more