Exeter Cookery School Open Day

Exeter Cookery School

I popped down to Exeter Cookery School last Thursday afternoon to check out the building developments. Jim and Lucy Fisher have their sites on a June 15th target date to open. After moving back from France two years ago where they had a successful cookery school with students from all over the world they decided on opening a school in the foodie capital of devon. Speaking to Jim he is excited about the prospects of opening the Exeter Cookery School near the historic quayside.  He mentioned how he met Lucy thirty five years ago when they were both working at the White Hart Hotel and Exeter was a terrible place to find good food. A choice of department store cafes and a milk bar were all that were on offer. Now Exeter is a foodie centre for devon and rightly so. We are surrounded with beautiful lush pastures for grazing and rivers and the sea for fresh fish. We both agreed that Exeter had a real foodie buzz about it and the people here were excited at the prospect of new restaurants and establishments opening regularly. We have a fine food heritage here in Devon and the locals want to protect that.

After searching for a year on their return for a suitable premises they stumbled across the perfect venue in a grade II listed 1840’s warehouse overlooking the Quays canal basin. Positioned right in the middle of a host of pubs, cafes and restaurants the Exeter Cookery School is perfectly placed for one of Exeter’s food and drink destinations. 

Exeter Cookery SchoolThe Exeter Cookery School will offer courses in a whole host of dishes from around the world so you can pick a course best suited to you. I for one can’t wait! As a keen home cook i can’t think of a nicer thing to do than pop down to Exeter’s quayside and spend a morning, afternoon or full day learning some new cooking skills. They will be offering courses from bread making to French bistro specialties and everything else in between. It’s so exciting. I want to try the French patisserie course so I can make some delicious pastries and desserts! Plus you get to eat what you make at the end…It’s a win win!

Courses are available at times that should suit everyone. From evenings, lunch times, full days and entire weeks. Prices range from £35.00 to £795.00. Plus there is a 10% reduction for groups of six participants or more. Further details can be found on their website at: www.exetercookeryschool.co.uk.

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    1. It’s looking really good already.. Check out the website for course options.. I personally can’t wait for it to open! ?

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