Forest Fungi Farm Shop

Last weekend I was looking for something different to do than the norm. On a day off I like to explore new places when I can but it can prove difficult without a car. I have no need for one living in the heart of the city and can generally walk anywhere that I need to go on a regular bases. All of my ballet classes are within a twenty minute walk and it is actually quicker on foot to get there than hopping in a car most of the time.

I can sometimes get a little stuck with ideas on where to go either on the bus or on the train that doesn’t take an eternity to get there. So last weekend I put a tweet out asking for suggestions of places to go in the surrounding area that would be OK if the weather turned. A few people came back to me with suggestions. The one that stood out was from Ollie of The Exploding Bakery fame! He suggested a train journey to Dawlish Warren and a short walk to Forest Fungi. I was intrigued so had a quick look at their website and thought that it looked like a pretty cool place to go for a spot of brunch/lunch. A few travel plans were made and with Steve by my side, we headed off to the station.

Instead of getting the train to Dawlish Warren, Steve and I got the train one stop further to Dawlish for a little bit of a longer walk. We checked Google maps for directions and off we went along the coastal path back towards Dawlish Warren. It was estimated it would take around twenty minutes to walk from the station to Forest Fungi Farm Shop. Google maps was pretty accurate and we arrived about midday.

We walked into an incredibly friendly family run cafe with lots of cheerful “hello’s” and smiles from all the staff. It was pretty busy in the cafe area at this point so we decided to have a quick look around the farm shop situated just at the back of the cafe in an adjoining large room. Lots of yummy things were on display for us to drool over. Fresh fruit and local vegetables, Langage farm and Trewithen Dairy milk, cream, yoghurt etc, Luscombe Drinks, Little’s coffee, homegrown mushrooms and lots of other local delights. We did a loop of the farm shop and then made our way back to the cafe where it was clearing out a bit.

The menu is simple but delicious. All cooked with locally sourced ingredients. An ideal place for breakfast, brunch and lunch or even for a coffee and a slice of cake.

As the name might give away Forest Fungi specialise in mushrooms. In fact they grow them on site in their “Shroom Room”. They supply all the top restaurants in the area with their wonderful produce as well as selling mushrooms in their farm shop and cooking with them in their cafe.

I decided to have the mushroom soup from the specials board. A delicious creamy soup served with the cutest mushroom shaped crouton, a delicately flavoured cheese and garlic bread served with salted butter. The whole dish was picture perfect and the flavours were magical.
Steve had the full english breakfast and opted to have a duck egg instead of the hens egg. The breakfast was jam packed with local goodies. Black pudding, sausages, bacon, fried bread, fried egg, tomato, baked beans and of course mushrooms. Steve couldn’t fault the breakfast and we overheard another diner say it was the “best breakfast” he had ever had. High praise indeed!
We decided on soft drinks to go with our meals from Whole Earth. I had elderflower and Steve had lemonade. Of course there are other drinks on offer.. Teas, coffees, hot chocolate and lots of soft drink choice. Our lunch and two drinks came in at about £13.50 which we both thought was very reasonable compared to other places we have visited recently for similar meals.
Now I have discovered Forest Fungi I will certainly be visiting again and taking friends to experience the lovely food and friendly welcome.

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