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I recently visited Greendale Farm Shop and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed my visit. I caught the number 9 Stagecoach bus out of Exeter and was delivered at a stop right outside. The only difficulty that faced me was crossing the busy road but once I had “stopped, looked and listened” I found myself on the correct side of the road to enter the drive of Greendale.

Before I had even made it into the farm shop I was sidelined by the wonderful array of animals to look at and pet. I for one love animals so took my time in visiting each one to say hello! There were pigs, goats, red deer, ducks, chickens, an alpaca, an emu and an ostrich. All eager to get my attention.

Once I had spent a little time with the animals I made my way through the doors of the farm shop. I immediately knew I was going to like this place. To my left was an amazing fish counter. Stocked with amazing crustaceans, shellfish and wet fish. You could even get a fish cooked for you at the fish and chip stand to eat there or takeaway. Something I would definitely love to do on another visit.

From the fish counter you move onto the fruit and veg stands. A mix of local produce plus fruit and vegetables from further afield. I was in my element here. I just love local produce as my regular readers will know. It was at this point that I started to fill up my shopping basket! Local heritage tomatoes, strawberries and asparagus made there way in. I loved the fresh and bright colours of the fruit and vegetables and couldn’t wait to take them home to cook up for supper at home.

Rows and rows of the most wonderful produce were presented to me and I must have walked around the store about three times taking it all in. I can safely say that Greendale Farm Shop is the best and most well stocked farm shop in the Exeter area that I have ever visited. If you are a foodie like me then it’s like visiting a shrine! I can’t wait to return and now I know how easy it is to get there on the bus I am sure I will be visiting more frequently. From Exeter you can get there on the Exeter dayrider ticket which is less than £4.00. You can use this ticket as many times as you like on Stagecoach buses in the allocated area.

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  1. I love Greendale, they have their own boats for crabs etc, and the staff are so friendly….knocks spots off others….

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