Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Blog!

I can’t quite believe it but Tara’s Busy Kitchen is a year old. Thinking back to my first blog post, never did I in a million years think that it would be going from strength to strength a year later.

I just wanted to say a big “Thank you” to everyone who inspired me to start the blog.. Rebecca and Steve being the most prominent. I wouldn’t have done it without you giving me the confidence to write those first few words.

I would also like to thank my aunt, Lorraine for giving me the passion and love for cooking and entertaining that she has. For as long as I remember she has inspired me in the kitchen. She is never frightened to try something new. She is far braver than me in that respect. Perhaps I will get there one day?

I’ve had many wonderful experiences in the foodie world this year that I would never have had without the blog. Plus, I feel more inclined to get myself out there and do more because of it. My social life has improved because of it… Who would have thought!?

Happy 1st Birthday Tara’s Busy Kitchen!

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