Just Bee

 I just wanted to bring your attention to these wonderful drinks by Just Bee. A mix of spring water, fruit and honey. So light and refreshing. They are 100% natural and less than 50 calories. They contain NO artificial sweeteners and NO refined sugar.. Just a drop of pure, natural honey.

The brains behind these beautiful drinks are Joe and Andy. Two friends who love bees and honey. Their inspiration for Just Bee came one hot summers day in Joe’s dad’s garden with the family’s bees buzzing in their hives. Honey runs in their family.. Grandad was a beekeeper too! The idea? Infusing spring water with honey and other natural flavours to create a light and refreshing drink. A drink created by friends and made by bees.

Another thing I love about this product is that 10% of their profits are donated to charity partners including Friends of the Honey Bee. Honey Bees have been having a tough time of late and this is a nice touch.

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