My Easter

My Easter

Easter Sunday started with brunch with Steve and Serena. I had made a spiced plum compote with a little cinammon and honey to go with some natural yoghurt and some beetroot and ginger muesli from Primrose Kitchen. To go alongside this there was hot cross buns a plenty plus some goats cheese and Mediterranean vegetable tart that my aunt had sent me home with in the obligatory food parcel!

I cracked open the apple juice from Hill Farm that I had purchased whilst visiting The Good Life Farm Shop in Kings Worthy, Hampshire. It was one of my souvenirs from my trip to my aunts in Winchester. I had wanted to come home with a few local to Hampshire foodie treats. It was delicious and Serena thought it would be rather nice warm in the darker winter months and I agreed.

After brunch Serena made her way home. Steve and I decided to take a walk along the Quay before the heavens opened. The forecast for Easter Sunday was not a good one so we were taking a gamble going out. We managed to dodge the rain drops thankfully. The downpour started just as we were walking in through the door. A lucky escape!

There was a craft fair on the quayside where there was a guy playing some music and randomly a lady dressed up as a rabbit! I guess it was perfect considering it was Easter!

I spent some of the afternoon cooking up some bits and bobs for supper and preparing for the week ahead. Dan and Billy were coming over for a bite to eat later that night so I felt good getting a head start. It was rather therapeutic cooking up lots of veggies from my Veg In A Box and making a scrummy leek, mushroom and Sharpham Rustic frittata. I do enjoy opening up my fridge and making up things as I go along.

We ended up feasting on a mint and almond pesto potato salad, roasted parsnip with chili and cumin, roasted sweet potato with paprika and a tahini, yoghurt and lemon dressing, a mixed leaf salad with pear and avocado and the mushroom and leek frittata. It was a delicious feast that was healthy too. The healthiness made up for the fact that I had consumed practically a whole box of Maltesers!! If you can’t do that at Easter then when can you?

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. Enjoying the good weather when it decided to grace us with its presence and that you managed spend time with your loved ones. 

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