My January Joys!

My January Joys

I couldn’t let this month pass by without highlighting January 1st. For many, this day is a right off when the excesses of the night before take their toll and hibernation seems like the only option. For me, I woke up with a spring in my step. Never really one for a late night, I had been in bed from 9.30pm so I was ready to embrace the day. A walk from Lympstone to Exmouth dodging the rain showers culminating with fish and chips on the blustery beach was just what I needed.

Most people who love cooking have a pasta machine lurking in a cupboard somewhere. Well, that was me. Given as a gift in December 2016 and finally taken out of its box for its first outing in January 2018! I made the dough from scratch using two ingredients and a bit of elbow grease. Rolled it out and cut it, firstly by hand and then using the two cutting attachments. The whole process was very therapeutic and I felt most proud when the pasta emerged from the rollers. It is a very time-consuming process though. Maybe because I am a relative novice with only making pasta from scratch twice and one of those times was under an expert eye. Perhaps I need to get my machine out more regularly?

I have been creating some delicious breakfast and brunch recipes this month. An Apple And Blackberry Bircher Muesli using my frozen foraged blackberries from last autumn and Good Hemp milk. A great alternative to porridge. For the recipe click here.

I also created a recipe using The Chia Company Chia seeds for Burns night breakfast. Oat Pancakes with Raspberry Chia Jam. Totally chuffed with the chia jam. It’s a revelation! Burns night might be behind us now but these pancakes will be flipping good for Shrove Tuesday too! Click here for the recipe.

I discovered a cute little pub just before Christmas and it has rapidly become my favourite through January. The newly opened Iron Bridge Inn is the sister of another favourite place of mine – The Hour Glass. Decorated with a nod to the past, it ticks all the boxes. Great bar snacks, amazing wine list, fantastic ale selection and a piano that I have heard tinkling on a Friday night. It’s well worth a visit. You will find the Iron Bridge Inn on St David’s Hill. I recommend the Sicilian white with one of their delicious bar snacks. So good!

I gathered friends and family together on the 25th to celebrate the life and poetry of Robert Burns. Traditional Scottish fayre was served including some rather delicious haggis. Veggie for me. Thank you, Waitrose!. A full post will follow next week.

There you have it. A little insight into my highlights from January. New Year’s Day seems so long ago now doesn’t it? I don’t know if you have noticed that the evenings are beginning to last that little bit longer. I certainly have. It really won’t be long until we leave for work and come home in daylight. Perhaps when I do my February round-up we might be already there? A little sunshine and daylight really does lift the mood doesn’t it?

I hope your January has been a good one. Look out for my next blog post. Five Tips To Make February a Happy Month.

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