My week in pictures

My week started with a tea date at The Gorious Art House with Steve. I hadn’t been for a few weeks and was having withdrawals from their lovely Anthropologie cups and courtyard garden! 


Steve and I sat and enjoyed the sunshine in the courtyard whilst we chatted over our hot drinks.  

 Someone had left a little stone display on our table!

Sunday afternoon was spent having afternoon tea with Emma and Steve in our lovely little courtyard. Sicily came to join us too! What a cutie!

I had made some lovely and moist flapjacks from the Deliciously Ella cookbook that went down a treat. Also some of my date and coconut truffles. There was a scone left from when Steve’s parents had visited so that was smothered in clotted cream and homemade jam and consumed also.. Yum!


My two friends Dan and Billy popped over for a bite to eat on Wednesday night. They were desperate to meet Sicily and see how Miss Marple was getting on. Obviously they fell in love with little Sicily.. Who wouldn’t! She is still teeny tiny and you can’t help to fall for her charms. Miss Marple made a rare appearance downstairs too and joined us for a short while. She is so precious. 


I made houmous with flatbreads to nibble on while we chatted and opened the vino. Then to follow I had roasted sweet potatoes and carrots with harrisa and made a yoghurt and tahini dressing to drizzle over the top. A salad of spinach, spiralized courgettes, sundried tomatoes, feta and sultanas with a chilli dressing was also had…Totally yummy!

We had a lovely evening.. I don’t know where the evening went.. We were chatting until the early hours!! I love nights like that!

After my really late night with Dan, Billy and Steve on Wednesday and a long tiring day at work I hopped on the number 52 bus to Sidmouth to meet up with my fellow fodderettes!! I have mentioned these girls before. We have known each other for years and years and we get together once a month to catch up on news and chinwag over food. On this occasion it was Rebecca’s turn to host and she had borrowed the use of Jemma’s mum and dads beach hut for the evening. The theme was “A very British summer” which was pretty apt as the weather was misty and overcast and there was a dampness in the air!

We had an honoury member for the evening as she was visiting.. Polly, Jemma’s lovely sister. It was lovely to have her join us. I think (hope) she enjoyed her first FWF experience!



There was a dampness in the air but we braved the elements and set up camp outside our beach hut. On route we had stopped off for lots of traditional British seaside fair.. Battered fish, scampi, fried chicken and sausages with chips and mushy peas!! We laid it all out in front of us and all dug in. We upped our chip game with the opening of a bottle of prosecco!! You know me by now.. Prosecco is a favourite! 



Dessert was a mash up of strawberries, grapes, clotted cream and shortbread.. So, so good! 


Then it was coffee time so we sent Polly off to fill the kettle so we could put it on our little gas stove and boil it up.


Such a lovely evening… I am looking forward to the next one in a few weeks time. Hopefully Cat, one of our founding members will be able to join us for the next one. Fingers crossed as she was dearly missed.


Miss Marple my poorly puss cat has been a little better this week. She has been a little more sociable and has even given me some of her wonderful kisses and face rubs this week. I have missed those.. We have more trips to the vets next week to keep monitoring her. I really hope Will (our vet) will notice some improvement.

 These two seem to be getting along like a house on fire too which is just wonderful to see. I think little Sicily sees Miss Marple as her surrogate mummy. So cute!

 Steve and I have managed to get out in the courtyard again this week for lunch which has been fantastic. Eating outside just makes everything taste better don’t you think? I had made homemade houmous with carrot sticks, cucumber and some oat crackers that we had along side a pearl barley salad that was stuffed full of yummy things… Glorious!

I hope you all have had a fun filled week ahead. I can’t wait to tell you all about mine. I have some lovely things planned. The highlight will be a little trip on the train to visit my aunt in Winchester. It’s such a lovely cathedral city. A bit like Exeter I guess. We have a few things scheduled including a trip to the wonderful Wykeham Arms. 


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