My week in pictures

I hosted a little “light supper” for my friend Serena in the week. We call it a light supper as an excuse to go to bed early really but still have a nice evening of food and wine. I roasted some carrots and parsnips with a little harrisa to give a little bit of heat and made a green salad with spinach, avocado, courgette and a little red onion and parsley. The last of the salads was a version of my chickpea and green bean salad but this time I added some some Sundried tomatoes too. I have to say I thought the combination of flavours was lovely and went very well together. 

Little Miss Marple joined us for a cuddle too which was lovely. Since she has been poorly she tends to keep herself to herself. Just recently she has been coming down to spend a little time with us which is great! She is much more sociable which could possibly mean she is feeling a bit better in herself. I hope so.

Talking of little Miss Marple being more sociable I managed to get this snap of my kittie brood one morning at breakfast time. It’s rare they all are together! I have five cats!! I know, I know.. I bet you are all thinking “crazy cat lady” but I love them all dearly and I wouldn’t be without them. Perhaps I could open a cat sanctuary as a side project?? It could be my dream job.. Especially if there was a little vintage tea room as well! Giggle!

On Thursday morning I hopped on the bus up to the moors to visit Alison and her little doggy, Harry. Alison plays the piano for my ballet classes but has become a friend in the process. We try and see each other for lunch in every school holiday. I was lucky enough to see her a few weeks ago too when I visited Hay Tor with Cassie and her dog, Roxy.

The bus dropped me off In Bovey Tracey so I could meet Alison at her house before we took the short drive up to The Rugglestone. I love this pub. It is situated down a little country road hidden away from the main square in Widdecombe in the Moor. 

 I don’t think you could not resist popping in if you came across this charming pub. I have been many times before and the welcome, food and service is second to none. It’s hearty pub grub.. Big portions to fill you up after your stomp on the moors or to fuel you for what lies ahead. They have a good selection of local ales too which if you have a boyfriend like mine you have to mention.. He is an ale lover!

After a quick look at the menu Alison and I both decided on the soup of the day and an extra starter of whitebait to share. I was entertaining that evening and knowing that the portion sizes are rather large went for the sensible option. The soup was spicy butternut squash and sweet potato served with a hunk of seeded brown bread. The breaded whitebait came with bread and butter and a side salad.. To be honest, it’s a meal in itself! How anyone could follow that with a main dish is beyond me!


We couldn’t fit in dessert but here is a little picture of what they have to offer. Huge portions again may I add!


I would highly recommend a trip to The Rugglestone if you are up on the moors. It’s a real gem.

On Thursday evening, my friend Cat popped over for a bite to eat. I made some houmous as our starter and served it with some cucumber sticks and some wonderful rosemary, oatie crackers.

For our main course I made a warm autumnal salad with spinach, roasted aubergine, sundried tomatoes with a tahini and lime dressing. I served it with some harrisa roasted root vegetables.. It was very tasty but I forgot to take photos!! Eek.. So unlike me.. So sorry!

Little Sicily joined us for our dessert.. (Courtesy of Marks and Spencer.. Again sorry! Ran out of time!) We had a blackcurrant Swiss roll with extra double cream! 

I used some wonderful napkins that my friend Alison had given me for my birthday. So pretty! They are by a designer called Sam Pickard. She designs from her base in North Devon after moving from London. She specialises in design and print of bespoke interior fabrics and interior accessories. I need to buy a couple more so I have a complete set for my dining table. I think they are rather wonderful and the design is right up my street.


A little bit of excitement for me in the week when I tweeted the amazing Gizzi Erskine about people thinking gluten free and fat free foods are a healthier option to choose. It’s most likely that they have a higher fat, salt or sugar content than the “regular” equivalent. This generally helps with the flavour.. I almost died when she favourited it! I had to take a screenshot!! Haha!

I know it’s a little silly to mention it but I really respect her as a cook and it meant a lot that she took the time to read and favourite my little tweet!

It had been my last weekend of freedom.. By that I mean I am back to teaching ballet every week for the next twelve weeks so no more coffees with friends on a Saturday morning! I spent my last Saturday morning with my old chum chehvani. I hadn’t seen her for at least a year or so. She lives in North London and is a busy mum so we quite often miss each other when I am in the big smoke or she is in the ‘shire!

Chehvani brought her son Sayer with her. He was busy drawing pictures whilst we caught up for an hour or so. 

On my way home I saw this cute little brooch in Lorna Ruby. I need this in my life!  How cute is that?

Like I said before my last weekend of freedom will soon be over. Ballet classes resume on Monday. I wonder what the new school year will bring? Good things I hope. 

Have a wonderful week ahead everybody. I have a few nice bits and bobs planned for the upcoming week so will look forward to catching you all up on it next time. 


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