My week in pictures


I am in love with my hot pink Varca sandles. I purchased these for my holiday to Italy but managed to get a little wear out of them whilst the sun was shining. They had their first outing when I visited the local farmers market.

Don’t these beetroot look divine? The green leaves on the red stalks and then the red root.. It’s amazing what nature can do!

I was also amazed by the fennel.. The bulbs were like little faces and the fennel frongs were the hair! (In need of a good hair cut I would say.) You would never find anything like this in a supermarket. It would be all neatly trimmed and regimented.. I love the fact that the veggies at the market have character. Long live ugly veg!

This beautiful tree is in one of my neighbours gardens and has just started blossoming this week. Every time I walk past the colour just blows me away. I must have taken about ten photos over the last week or so. Each day it changes! Absolutely stunning!



For my day job I am a Royal Academy of Dance trained and registered teacher. I got myself a much needed new pair of black ballet shoes this week.. I say much needed because my old ones were in holes at the toes and as you can appreciate they develop a bit of an odour! All that dancing around makes for hot, tired feet.. I am a happy girl when I have new ballet shoes. I wear a make called Charcott. They are made in Tokyo and are affiliated with Freed Of London dance wear. They seem to fit my feet well.. Plus they come with the elastic already sewn in place.. Bonus! 


This is Archie. Another one of my brood. ( You met Miss Marple and Biscotti last week.) Archie has a habit of looking really cheesed off on a daily basis but I promise you his life is rather lovely! He is a lovely looking boy and has a sweet nature although he is Daddy’s boy through and through. He only snuggles down with me when his Daddy goes away.. Archie has an extra didget on each of his paws which makes him a rather special boy! 



I am in love with succulents at the moment. I purchased this one today for a meagre £2.00! I love the soft pinky/purple of the leaves. So, so pretty and easy peasy to look after.. My kind of plant!

I hope you all have a lovely week x

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