My week in pictures

Sunday morning I set out gingerly in my autumnal garb. It’s definitely cooler these days.. Especially the mornings. It was my first outing after my lurgy.. In fact I still had the  lurgy but was choosing to ignore it! I needed my life back! Plus, I had a morning tea date with my chum Emma. We decided to meet at the top end of town and walk down and see if anywhere took our fancy for tea. There aren’t many places that are independent in Exeter open on a Sunday that I haven’t been to umpteen times so we decided to go off piste slightly. You know I always plump for an indie establishment over a chain nine times out of ten, but Emma and I decided that we might have to have a nosey in the new Exeter branch of Pret a Manger.  It was like any other branch I had been to in the past but a little more spacious. Obviously chains follow the same formula for every establishment so it’s difficult to judge this particular pret against any others… I found it to be well staffed (because it’s new?), clean (because it’s new?) and full of what seemed like happy customers! (Because it’s new?)

Emma and I had only planned to stop in for takeaway teas so we could go and find a quiet spot in the autumn sunshine. We both opted for the breakfast tea, I then had a ginger shot which was cold pressed Apple and ginger juice and Emma had a green tea with peach. 


We paid for our drinks and then made our way to some hidden picnic benches next to the old roman city wall. We made ourselves comfy and then I presented Emma with her slightly early birthday presents. Knowing Emma pretty well I opted for vintage gifting.. Actually I pretty much get all my girlfriends vintage gifts!! But, this particular gift had Emma’s name on it! I struggled to let it go as I loved it myself!


When she opened her pressies she seemed genuinely thrilled.. She gave me a big hug and said she felt quite teary as she loved them so much! How lovely is that? I am so pleased but secretly knew she would love them.. The Jaeger bag in particular! It was so lovely.. 

 We sat chatting for ages about life and future projects.. We had some pretty cool ideas that I hope we will be able to put into fruition at some point! Who likes the idea of a “Tara’s Busy Kitchen” supper club??? Any takers? Let me know your thoughts!! 

Tuesday I popped into Lorna Ruby. My favourite shop in Exeter as I am sure you are all aware. It stocks the most wonderful clothing and homewares/gifts. Every time I go in there I see about ten things I want/need!! It is also where my chum Emma works so I try and pop my head around the door to say “Hello” when I am passing. 

I am saving for this wonderful red “American Vintage” jumper. I must have tried it on four times so far! I adore it! 


This is the cutest little outfit.. Very Sarah-Jessica Parker from “Sex in the City” when she goes to Paris! Tres Bon!

Steve’s Mum and Dad visited on Thursday for a spot of lunch. I decided on using some wonderful gluten free rice pasta by Rizopia to make a cheese and spinach bake. It was rather lovely if I do say so myself. I served it with a mixed bean salad and my homemade bread and butter. Very autumnal!

Before the pasta bake went in the oven!

And after.. 

The Rizopia pasta is a wonderful product. It tastes just like “normal” pasta with a good texture. Quite often gluten free products don’t live up to the hype but this range does! A big thumbs up from me! 

Steve, Alex and myself popped along to Cafe Catalan on Thursday evening. What a place! We had an amazing and authentic tapas experience. I would highly recommend Cafe Catalan.. The food and service were top notch! I will be doing a full review shortly. 


My place of work had a Macmillan coffee morning and bake sale in the week. All the staff made or purchased cakes to sell to raise money for the Macmillan cancer charity. It was a pretty good spread!


 I have been feeling so much more perky this week. My illness did roll over into this week but I felt determined to leave it behind. By Thursday I was feeling back to “normal” which was such a relief! I have been lucky enough to have done some lovely things this week and look forward to next week where I have more lovely things lined up. Have a fun filled week everybody! 


2 thoughts on “My week in pictures

  1. What a gorgeous round up!!
    I’m definitely going to try the gluten free pasta as I’m always on the look out for good brands, brilliant recommendations.
    Yey! For supper club!! And Tara’s English tea is a must !!
    Well done T

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed this weeks “my week in pictures”.. And you think that the supper club and or tea party is a great idea! Let’s do it! X

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