My week in pictures

The Rugby World Cup has come to Exeter in style. On Saturday evening Steve and I took the short walk to the fan zone in Northernhay gardens. There was an autumnal chill in the air so I made sure I wrapped up warm for the occasion. We arrived early for the England vs Wales game so we could see what facilities were available. I had been teaching ballet all day and hadn’t had a chance to eat lunch so for me the food stalls were my first point of call!! (Obviously!!) 

There was a pretty good selection of stalls, most of which I had seen at other foodie events in and around Exeter. A few examples were Camper Coffee, Good Game Topsham, Kenniford Farm and The Field kitchen. The bars were organised and run by Sandy Park. The home of the Exeter Chiefs Rugby team. Steve was a little disappointed with the choices available at the bar. No real ales!! Both he and I were a little surprised by this. I think they missed a treat as many rugby fans would be real ale drinkers I am sure. It would have been a good idea to have a real ale bar somewhere on site.. More choice for the fans is always a good thing. I, on the other hand didn’t fancy an alcoholic drink so I opted for a nice warming tea from Camper Coffee. The guys on the stall were really friendly and Steve and I chatted for quite some time with them whilst deciding on our food choice. They told us about an exciting new venture for them that is opening at the end of October hopefully. A new coffee shop that will be housed next to the Real McCoy vintage clothing store on Fore Street. They hope to open a few evenings a week too offering “Pop Up” style dining and cocktails. It sounds like it could be good!

We had a mooch around the site and decided on World Food Cafe wraps for our rugby sustainance! I am not a meat eater so went for the falafel wrap and Steve had the Persian chicken wrap. Mine was pretty tasty although I have had better and more flavourful falafel in the past. Steve’s Persian chicken was very good apparently.

I think my wrap must have taken me an hour to eat it was so large! It was getting dark when I finished! 

The park was filling up rapidly at this point and I read on Twitter mid game that it was at capacity which I think is around five thousand people. The atmosphere was great throughout the night. It was just a shame that England lost by the smallest margin to Wales! 

On Sunday it was like the summer had returned to say “hello” for the day.. It was truely glorious. Steve and I decided to have a walk down to the quay for a coffee in the sunshine. We stopped off at The Coffee Cellar. In theory this place should be great. The location is fabulous but every time I go I realise why I don’t visit more often. It is always so chaotic.. There never appears to be a system with the staff.. It’s a free for all. Now, I appreciate that it’s nice to do things at a slow pace once in a while especially on a Sunday but.. None of the staff on this particular day had a clue what was going on.. The girl even had to use a calculator to work out how much a pot of tea and an Americano was.. I mean.. It’s two drinks!! Can’t you memorise a few prices?? Once the drinks were finally made and paid for Steve and I sat outside in the sunshine and watched the charity dragon boat races that were happening on the river Exe. 

After our drinks we carried on with our walk around the quay and over the “wobbly” bridge! We stopped off and collected a few blackberries as I had the foresight to put a carrier bag in my handbag just in case the opportunity came about. We managed to pick quite a lot and managed to fill two tuppawares for the freezer. I do love a bit of foraging.

   We certainly picked enough for a couple of pies or crumbles which was great. The freezer can provide me with them later on in the autumn when a nice warming pud is  needed on a cold day. 

Miss Marple my elderly ginger cat has been to see Will at the vets again this week. Unfortunately the poor munchkin isn’t well again. Her kidneys aren’t great and there is little more that we can do for her. It is very, very sad as she has the sweetest nature and is so loving but at the age of nearly seventeen she has had a good innings. She is still very bright in herself which is good and positive and as long as she remains like that I will be happy. I know we are on borrowed time with her now so the more love we can give each other the better. 


So, it is fig season.You don’t know happy this makes me!! I absolutely adore them. They work In sweet and savoury dishes. It’s a win, win!! I made this simple salad in the week. Quartered figs, dolcelatte, toasted walnuts on a bed of spinach with a simple olive oil and white wine vinager dressing. Simple pleasures…

I am sure you will see a lot more figgy dishes crop up in my posts while they are in season. YUM!

A little sneaky peak at what I do for a living. My girls changing into their pointe shoes for class. 

It was world ballet day on Thursday so I wanted to share a snippet of my normal day in the ballet world with you!

I received a rather lovely card from my friend this week. A little note to say “hello” and to say what a lovely friend I am ..  It made my day!


I met up with my chum Lucy for a coffee at The Exploding Bakery. She hadn’t been before so I figured as the weather was fine I would treat her to a coffee and cake as it had been her birthday recently. I had a rather yummy hot chocolate and she opted for a flat white and a piece of banoffee cheesecake. A new  cake choice I think. Lucy said it was delicious but perhaps a bit rich for 10am in the morning!

Steve and I tried Deliveroo in the week. I can’t fault it. The ordering process was painless and the delivery was speedy. I even managed to get a picture of the very polite delivery driver! For someone who NEVER orders takeaways it just might tempt me again..


It has been a lovely week all in all. The weather has been good which makes all the difference. When the sun is shining it makes everyone happier. I have a few nice things to look forward to this coming week so I look forward to telling you all about it.

Have a wonderful week everyone and I hope this fabulous weather lasts.

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