My Week In Pictures

I had been looking forward to my day off on Sunday for a while. Not only because it was a day off but because I had plans to see my chum Emma for a spot of afternoon tea and use my new China tea set from Bell and Blue. I am totally in love with the vintage vibe of the tea set. It’s a thing of beauty and sits so well with my actual vintage pieces.

I had baked some banana and peanut butter cookies for the occasion and was excited to try them.

I popped in to town with Steve and bumped into this little chap! I totally fell in love as I am one of the biggest animal lovers I know! What an absolute doll..


After spending a few moments with this beautiful owl and a few of his other bird of prey friends, Steve and I headed off to The Glorious Art House for a morning coffee. I picked up a copy of Bedboat magazine whilst I was there and had a little read of their first edition. Very impressive. A magazine written locally but available nationally. I can’t wait for the second edition.

Some of my students had ballet exams this week. An external examiner from the Royal Academy of Dance does a tour of the region and stops off at various dance schools on the way. We normally have ballet exams at the end of every school term. The girls and boys perform all their graded class work and dances for the examiner and he or she, Miss Bell on this occasion had to mark their work. All the results go back with her to theRoyal  Academy where they are standardised and then certificates and medals are issued. Each candidate gets a grade and a corresponding  medal. Pass is bronze, merit is silver and distinction is gold.

Each candidate wears a set of numbers.. One in the front and one on the back so the examiner knows who they are and can grade them accordingly. It’s very exciting for the children as they all get dressed up in their ballet kit with new ballet shoes and have their hair done. Suzie (the other teacher) and myself do their hair so they all look lovely.

I was lucky enough to be given some Littles Coffee. I had wanted to sample the Christmas flavour since last year! I can finally give it a try.. Providing I can get past little Sicily! Such a photo bomber..

Have a wonderful week everybody..

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