My Week In Pictures

My week started with the most amazing dawn sky.. Nature at its finest. I was walking to ballet on Saturday morning and was totally blown away by the beauty of the sky. I felt that I wanted to just sit and stare for as long as it lasted. Unfortunately I had to keep moving as I had classes to teach but took a few snaps on route. (None of the following pictures have a filter on them.) Isn’t nature amazing?

After I had finished teaching Steve and I popped over to Magdalen Road in St Leonard’s, Exeter. They were holding their annual Christmas fair. There were stalls a plenty selling food and foodie ingredients alongside crafts and the like. We also discovered a new cafe that is the sister to the Town Mill Bakery in Lyme Regis. This one has taken the name Magdalen Road Bakery after its location. Whenever I visit Lyme Regis I always go there as you can help yourself pretty much.. Boil your own eggs and make your own toast! I love it. Steve and I want to go back and have breakfast one morning soon. On this particular day we just got some drinks to take away as it was a little chilly wondering around the fair but couldn’t help eyeing up the baked goods on offer! The croissants were huge but the Eccles cakes get a thumbs up from me for their vastness.. I have to have one of them in my tummy very soon!

To go with our tea we had purchased some mince pies from Bon Gout. The fantastic deli on Magdalen Road. They had a stall outside of the shop and the mince pies looked so wonderful I had to have one. Mince pies in my opinion should be available all year round alongside Christmas pudding and Christmas cake!

Even the Spar shop on Magdalen Road was getting in on the festive cheer by giving customers a free glass of prosecco. Wonderful!

As you will know from my last post, I hosted my first Tara’s Busy Kitchen Presents event last Sunday. I had a wonderful time creating the event and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. Everybody that attended was totally charming and it was a pleasure to meet them. 

Here are a few photos from the event. (I couldn’t take all the photos from the day as I was pretty busy so would like to credit Eating Exeter, Serena Fitzgerald, Emma Eliott and Gemma Critchley for some of the event photos.)

Steve and I took a trip to Bath in the week. It’s a bit of a Christmas tradition of mine. I like to do a bit of Christmas shopping, visit the Christmas market and have a spot of lunch. It marks the start of the festive period for me. I will be doing a full post on my day so look out for that.

My new friends from Bedboat Magazine were holding a fundraiser for their second edition publication on Thursday. Steve and I popped down to The Bikeshed Theatre to show our support. Hazel and Roberta hosted a night of music, showcasing some local talent. We had a relaxing evening having a glass of wine and listening to some melodic folkesque music from Velvet and Stone and a great set from Samuel Wulf. (My favourite from the evening!) Well done guys for hosting a fab evening.

Steve and I put up our Christmas tree in Friday evening. I love this part of Christmas. The festive music goes on and out come the decorations that I’ve been collecting over many years. I love the twinkle of the fairy lights against the sparkle of the baubles.. Truely beautiful.

It’s been a great week this week. I’ve done some wonderful things but equally feel that I have personally achieved a lot. My Tara’s Busy Kitchen Presents … Afternoon Tea event was a high point for me. I am proud of my achievements there. I look forward to the coming week where I have the privilege of hosting a Caninet Jewellery “pop up” at Tara’s Busy Kitchen HQ, a Christmas “Cheese Night” with the girls, an event at the newly opened Base and Barley and a trip to the ballet to see The Nutcracker! I am busy, busy but look forward to it all and in turn telling you all about it.

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