My Week In Pictures – Lockdown 3.0 Week 1

My Week In Pictures - Lockdown 3.0 Week 1

Here we go again! Lockdown 3.0 started on Tuesday here in England. I did manage to get one evening in of live ballet classes with my primary-school-age children before resuming online from Tuesday which was lovely. A chance to reconnect with the children albeit briefly.

Obviously, with lockdown 3.0 I haven’t been out and about much apart from exercising and I am limiting the contact I have with others by only shopping for groceries once a week. That being said I have stepped into a couple of my favorite cafes for takeaway hot chocolates whilst out on my daily exercise. It’s been so cold I have needed to keep warm both inside and out. The hot chocolate warming my tummy on the inside whilst keeping my hands toasty on the outside! The independents that I support are so careful with their one in and one out policies, hand sanitising, and mask-wearing I feel perfectly safe whilst visiting for my takeaway. It’s so nice conversing with other humans too. I hope I don’t ramble too much and there’s no eye-rolling when I leave!

St Sidwell’s Bakehouse

This week I finally got to St Sidwell’s brand new bakery and cookery school to pick up my personalised loaf. At the end of last year, I participated in their crowdfunder in order for them to expand into larger premises just across the road from their original home. My reward was a personalised loaf; a delicious wholemeal scored with my name. As a massive real bread lover, I was thrilled to have a loaf made in my honour.

Make A Meal Of It

Being at home more means I can spend a little more time in my kitchen which in turn means I can create new dishes and recipes. I have been trying to take advantage of mealtimes when not teaching to try and create lovely meals that are not only tasty but visually beautiful.

I think taking that little bit of time and effort on the most normal of days shows the people you are preparing the meal for that you care. Either that you are bored stiff in lockdown and have nothing better to do! Perhaps it’s a bit of both for me in reality! I do find pleasure in the small things though and maybe throwing on a tablecloth and getting out some pretty napkins might be just the distraction from the monotony of being at home for hours on end that I need. So, I plan to “make a meal out of it” as often as I can this lockdown. After all, it’s always the small things that give the greatest pleasures in life. Why don’t you try rolling out the good china and throwing on a tablecloth for one of your lunches or suppers this week! For those not participating in dry January, it’s an opportunity to pop the cork on a posh bottle of something chilled too.

As a side note, I would be interested to know if you are participating in dry January this year or have decided that due to lockdown you thought you would give it a miss? I am not a regular drinker or big drinker these days so for me dry January is never a thing. I never feel I have to challenge myself to stop or give my body a break because I often go weeks without a drink anyway. Please comment below with your thoughts on dry January.

Four Fluffies

My four feline chums have been providing me with much-needed distraction this week. To be honest they always do but I guess this first week of lockdown has meant that I have had the time to document it.

They are each so different in their personalities that the way they react to things and the way their expressions change has made me chuckle daily. I love them all so much. They are my best medicine.

Being Outdoors

I love the sense of freedom being outdoors brings and I am fortunate to have the countryside on my doorstep. I can be in the middle of nowhere in mere minutes and it’s lovely. My new walking boots were a fab sale purchase and have taken me many miles this week already!


I purchased myself a tag punch. It’s a bit like a hole punch in design but instead of punching little holes, it cuts out gift tags. So, on one dull and chilly lockdown afternoon this week, I set about turning my old Christmas cards into next year’s gift tags. I posted what I was doing in my Instagram stories and had so many of you asking where I purchased the device from. Well, it was from Amazon. I hate to say that out loud but I am sure you could get the very same thing from any arts and crafts supplier.


I was saddened to see the news this week and the storming of Capital Hill. I struggle to understand the people who support President Trump. He is a dangerous man and for me, the power he has over some feels cult-like. I don’t often touch on politics on here but couldn’t let this pass without comment. It’s been massive news all over the world and feel it may get worse over there before it gets better. Especially with the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden in a few week’s time. Some want to stop that at all costs.

So, there you have it. A little insight into my first week in Lockdown 3.0. If you fancy following along with my daily goings-on then don’t forget to give me a follow over on Instagram.

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