My Week In Pictures – Lockdown 3.0 Week 4

My Week In Pictures - Lockdown 3.0 Week 4

Hello all and happy Sunday. It’s been an odd week don’t you think? I overheard someone say on a zoom group class I was taking earlier that she was suffering from lockdown fatigue. Maybe that’s a thing because I most certainly for the best part of the week have been feeling a bit low. I think the news of the Covid death toll reaching 100,000 and a year since the World Health Organisation recognised Covid as an infectious disease of pandemic proportions and 11 months of lockdowns most certainly have taken their toll on me this week and it would sound like others too.

It got me scrolling back through old blog posts from this time last year and the equivalent upcoming weeks and how at that time we were aware of a problem but not how serious it was likely to be. One of my blog posts from the middle of March had me talking about lockdown 1.0. I honestly thought it was only going to last 3 weeks. Little did I know. I had completely forgotten about how naive we all were back then.

I am so glad I write these posts. For me, Tara’s Busy Kitchen acts as a diary. It’s actually really interesting looking back. If you ever have any time just head back into the archives. It’s actually rather interesting hearing a normal person like myself talk about the lockdown and my feelings.

Ladies Night At The Lyngarth Arms

Like I said, I had been feeling a bit flat this week but have had a few moments that have lifted my spirits. The first being “Ladies Night” at The Lyngarth Arms, our shed/pub that Steve has built over the last four months. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen my weekly Thursday night visit but this week I ventured down on Saturday night with Steve and my bubble chum Serena. We danced and danced and listened to great music courtesy of Steve who was also in charge of the disco lighting. It really did feel we were down the local.

As Serena has been in our bubble for as long as we are able she is allowed to visit with us indoors. She is also allowed to stay the night so we took advantage of her being able to do that to have a later night than normal.


We woke up to a little scattering of snow that quickly turned to very slippery slush and ice which meant the walk back to Serena’s house was a little treacherous. Thank goodness we had had a hearty breakfast of Eat My Food buns that has been delivered that morning.

Spiced Lentils – Dahl Inspired

I posted a rather delicious recipe for my Spiced Lentils this week. A recipe that is so quick to rustle up and can be batch made to feed you and one other for two days or yourself for the best part of the week.

Coconut & Rose Macaroons

I trialed a new recipe for Coconut & Rose Macaroons this week with great success. Look out for the recipe next week.

Daily Walk

As always I have been out walking every day exploring Exeter and the immediate surrounding area. We haven’t got a car so everywhere we go is on foot. In fact, it’s been great finding new places and areas that I had never come across before. I feel like I have really got to know my home city throughout the past year. A real bonus of having more time on my hands.

Next Week

Funnily enough, I don’t have any fun plans for next week in the diary apart from my normal Thursday night bubble pub visit. Strange that! Of course, I will be working on zoom which takes up a big part of my week and also a large part of my energy but I will of course endeavor to create a new recipe for you and share with you any new finds.

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