My week in pictures

This wonderful home made carrot cake was made for dessert on Saturday. After giving a huge slab away to my cake loving chum Serena on Sunday I have been feasting on a slice a day since.. I am not sure that ‘carrot cake a day keeps the doctor away’ but hey ho!


Can I introduce you to two of my brood of four! Yes.. I am that crazy cat woman that everyone talks about!! The little ginger puss is Miss Marple. I named her after Agatha Christies elderly spinster sleuth! She was the ripe old age of sixteen last month! She is still as spiritely as she was when a little kitten and has the most loving nature.

Biscotti is the tortoiseshell. She is about three years old. Her name came from my love of all things Italian.. Especially the food! (It means biscuit.) Her correct age is unknown due to the fact that she was a stray that I stumbled across. (Thank you Dan and Billy for bringing her into my life.) She becomes more and more loving everyday.

One of my ‘Anything Goes’ salads. This was in homage to my dear friend Emma who I don’t get to see very often. We used to throw these together on our girlie nights when she lived in Exeter. She now lives in London and this is my way of remembering fun nights with her. This particular salad had roasted british asparagus, sautéed leeks (both in season right now so get your chops around them to get them at their best!) I topped it with haloumi that I coated in poppy seeds and pan fried.There is something so satisfying about haloumi. The salty taste, the slightly chewy texture.. It’s one of my faves!

  In complete contrast to my healthy ‘Anything Goes’ salad this happened!! To celebrate my lovely friend Sarah’s birthday we had the most amazing fish and chips and mushy peas! I don’t know if it was because I had been teaching my ballet classes for nine and a half hours and was totally ravenous but they were AMAZING! Good shout Sarah! We washed our lovely din dins down with a beautiful bottle of Sharpham wine. This was provided by the other guest around the table Chloe. Her husband Duncan is the wine maker so you can’t get any more local than that! I highly recommend their wines. They are made here in Devon just on the outskirts of Totnes. (They make fabby cheese too by the way.) 

P.s spot the extra guest at the table! 


And finally, today is the General Election in the United Kingdom. I will be tootling up to my local polling station to cast my vote. May the best candidate win!

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  1. I can confirm that the carrot cake was as good as it looks!
    Lovely to see your furry family popping up on here x

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