October – A New Start

Hi. How are you?

Friends, I am so sorry for the radio silence. I have been off the radar a bit haven’t I? Well, with October in full swing I feel it’s time to put pen to paper again.

I think it was a break I needed feeling like I had lost my way a little. In all honesty, I still really don’t know what direction I should be walking in! Not just in the blog but in all aspects of my life. I always get this in the autumn. Being a ballet teacher I always see the autumn as the start of the year so as others may have wobbles in January, I have my wobbles in September and October!

The summer seems like a distant memory now doesn’t it? Although the autumnal sunny spell this week has done me the world of good emotionally as well as physically. Sunshine has so many benefits to wellbeing don’t you think? The warmth firstly but the way the sun makes you feel is really the best bit about it. Being able to be outdoors socialising with friends and family, eating and drinking well into October really is a wonderful thing.

Let me catch you up with all my best bits from the last couple of months.

Agatha Christie’s Greenway

As a lifelong Agatha Christie fan, I finally made my way to her home from home, Greenway. Greenway is now owned by the National Trust and is nestled on the banks of the River Dart. We visited on the most beautiful day and I loved following in the footsteps of my favourite author. We walked the grounds, visited the famous boathouse, the scene of a death in Dead Man’s Folly and of course the house where many of her ideas came from for her books.

Coleton Fishacre

Coleton Fishacre for me was a highlight of my summer. I loved it so much I visited twice in as many weeks. Once with my friend Emma and another time with my stepdad Tim and sister Estella.

Coleton Fishacre is another National Trust property previously owned by the D’Oyly Carte family. This house is everything and more. It’s built-in the arts and crafts style and the interior is all Art Deco elegance. I could just imagine myself in the 1920’s dancing in the lounge with a glass of champagne!

The grounds are spectacular too and the views from various viewpoints on the property are mind-boggling and reminiscent of my time on the Amalfi Coast. This part of the Devon coastline is all kinds of rugged and beautiful. I fell in love with this house and grounds and know that this place is going to be a regular visit from this point on.

The Bull Inn

Hands down a must-visit place for me. The Bull is an organic, ethical pub with rooms in the vibrant and eclectic town of Totnes. Since it opened it has gone from strength to strength for me and in the past year or so I can honestly say I haven’t had a bad meal or experience there and I must have been 5 or 6 times!

When it first opened it was finding its feet and if you visited then and were a bit unsure about it I urge you to try again. I love everything about it. The food is great and always lots of choice for a vegetarian or pescatarian like me. The decor is made up of recycled and repurposed furniture and everything is mismatched which I love. Seriously, guys, you have to go. Also, a little side note, if Lottie is working you will get THE best experience. She is so bubbly, friendly and knowledgeable about the food and the wine list and can guide you through your choices if you are unsure.

I also got a little behind the scenes tour of the bedrooms and the newly opened Albatross apartment just across the street.


I travelled to London for the day to help my sister move house with my stepdad Tim. A long old journey there and back. I think we spent 10 hours travelling for 3 hours there! Once we all helped move her boxes in we jumped ship and went to a local pub for lunch. It was so nice for us all to be together even for that very short time.

I also took myself away to Shoreditch whilst Tim and Juliet put together flat-packed furniture. I had an hour, so literally walked there got myself an ice cream from Soft Serve Society and walked back. It was worth it though!

Saying Goodbye

Another long old day trip took me to Portsmouth to scatter my late Nanny’s ashes. Tim and I drove to meet my sisters at the Spinnaker Tower for afternoon tea before heading harbourside in Old Portsmouth. Her wishes were to be scattered in the Solent.

We spent a lovely afternoon together as a family remembering Nanny on a very poignant day. The sun was shining on us and I can’t help but think Nanny had something to do with that.

Friends & Food

I love entertaining as well as preparing and cooking so when I have the opportunity to have people over I jump at it.

My go-to dish for lunch or dinner at the moment is a simple spaghetti with tomato sauce but elevating it with an oozing burrata on the top. When you slice into the burrata the cheese oozes into the pasta and adds a delicious creaminess. I would highly recommend.

Seasonal Eating

An important element for me is eating with the seasons. I have a veg box delivered from Shillingford Organics weekly which really helps with this. I would recommend getting a veg box delivered as not only is it helping out with sustaining a local to you business it provides you with seasonal, fresh and as in the case of mine organic vegetables. I love the challenge my veg box gives me when it comes to using its ingredients to create tasty meals. A real highlight for me actually.

Here are a few images from the past few months highlighting my love of seasonal produce as well as burrata it would seem!

Thank you

I think that will do for now in terms of catching up. Thank you for sticking with me through my hiatus and I hope to be back into regular blogging as well as recipes from this point on. Have a wonderful week everybody.

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2 thoughts on “October – A New Start

  1. Welcome back Tara and Hello from New Zealand..I thoroughly enjoyed your update this morning ..So lovely to see you and Tim and your sisters together and having visited Portsmouth several times I could picture dear Aunt Pegs final resting place…Take care ..love from Mary xxx

    1. Much love to all the family in NZ too. Nanny is where she wanted to be and the sun shone for us for the day which was delightful x

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