Emilia - Ashburton

Emilia – Ashburton

I may have discovered THE hottest foodie destination and it’s only a 30-minute drive from Exeter. Ashburton sits on the edge of Dartmoor and has more amazing independent eateries than any other place I have visited of late. I have been visiting most free weekends of late and honestly can’t stay away. Emilia, owned by ClareRead more

Arthur at Taylor's

Arthur At Taylor’s

Following on from last week’s post about another great spot in Ashburton, Creamo’s, I wanted to share with you my latest Ashburton foodie find. Arthur At Taylor’s is exactly my kind of place. Think vintage furniture, white and embroidered tablecloths, mismatched crockery and silverware, retro art and just an all-round homely feel. In fact, ArthurRead more

Life Lately

Life Lately

I have been meaning to write so many times but then other things have got in the way. Then something niggling in my mind spurs me to put my fingers to the keyboard and put something out there. I am less inclined these days to spill my guts on the internet and share all withRead more