Anchoïade is a classic provençal dip or spread, made from anchovies, olive oil, white wine vinegar and garlic. I love drizzling it over roasted vegetables, spreading it on toast or using it as a dip for crisp sweet fennel, sugar snaps peas or carrot batons. So easy and so, so good. Yummy! This recipe takesRead more

Happy New Year

What a cold evening it was on New Year’s eve.. Steve and I braced ourselves for the short (ish) walk to Southernhay House. We stopped off en-route for our first festive drink. They have a wonderful cocktail menu that Steve was eager to tuck in to. I don’t tend to drink cocktails. I like to knowRead more

Christmas Holiday

As I sit at home on Boxing Day evening writing this I can safely say I had a wonderful Christmas holiday. From the moment I woke up on Christmas eve it has been one festive event after another. I have entertained… A lot! My favourite pastime. Christmas eve was one long succession of guests. SerenaRead more