Al Farid

     Steve and I visited Al Farid on Cathedral Green on Friday afternoon/early evening. We hadn’t had lunch so we were looking for some tasty Morrocan mezze to get us through the rest of our evening. We decided on choosing six out of the thirty one mezze dishes that were on offer. We hadRead more

Date night- Pasha

Saturday night was date night.. It started off in one of my favourite places for a great glass of wine, Project Vino. I plumped for a mini bottle of Prosecco and Steve had a Chilian Malbec. The Prosecco was divine.. Fruity and sparkling. Steve’s Malbec was smooth and very drinkable. It was lovely to takeRead more

Buttermilk scones

A wonderful recipe that creates light and fluffy scones..   I have to confess I have had some bad scone baking incidents!! In the past they have come out of the oven as flat as a pancake or as hard as bullets! This particular recipe worked for me.. I was thrilled as I love sconesRead more