Buttermilk scones

A wonderful recipe that creates light and fluffy scones..   I have to confess I have had some bad scone baking incidents!! In the past they have come out of the oven as flat as a pancake or as hard as bullets! This particular recipe worked for me.. I was thrilled as I love sconesRead more

My week in pictures

On sunny Saturday I hopped in the car down to Exmouth. A seaside town about twenty minutes drive from Exeter. I had been teaching ballet that morning and could see the sun shining from the studio. It inspired me to take a little trip to the coast. It was well worth it. The sun wasRead more

An evening at Harrys

I recently visited my very local restaurant Harrys on Longbrook Street in Exeter. It is situated less than a five minute walk from my front door! How perfect is that?! We decided to visit as  part of our “stay-cation” in Devon for  our summer holiday.  We were greeted with a big “hello” and a smileRead more

Cafe Espresso

What a lovely time I spent in Cafe Espresso this morning. The staff and the patrons seem to be on very friendly terms. Lots of chatter and banter between the counter and the tables.. It’s kind of nice. I stopped by for a much needed hot choccie. The weather has been atrocious today.. Rain, rainRead more