Cafe Espresso

What a lovely time I spent in Cafe Espresso this morning. The staff and the patrons seem to be on very friendly terms. Lots of chatter and banter between the counter and the tables.. It’s kind of nice. I stopped by for a much needed hot choccie. The weather has been atrocious today.. Rain, rainRead more

Lotta from Stockholm

My friend and I were chatting and said that I should introduce a blog every once in a while of my favourite things. At this moment in time I can’t get enough of my Lotta from Stockholm clogs! Emma Elliot first introduced them to me on my various visits to the shop she works inRead more

My week in pictures

 Little Miss Marple thought she was the princess from the ‘ Princess and the Pea ‘ story when she settled down on these cushions! She gets herself into some wonderful spots for an afternoon snooze. LOVE HER!!   Steve and I visited Pebblebed cellar in Topsham at the weekend to try out some wine and haveRead more

First barbecue of the year

This evening we held our first barbecue of the year. To be honest I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen when the heavens opened this morning and left rivers running down the street. The rain was torrential… I kind of felt silly shopping at the farmers market today for sausages, burgers and buns!!Read more