Papaya, avocado and feta salad

Tonight I made a beautiful and refreshing salad. Perfectly light for an early summer evening.

There really isn’t too much of a recipe but this is what I used..

Papaya, avocado and feta salad
Serves 2
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. Half a bag of washed young spinach leaves
  2. Half a ripe papaya deseeded
  3. One ripe avocado peeled and stoned
  4. Seeds from half a pomegranate
  5. Half a block of Greek feta cheese
  6. A handful of sunflower seeds
  7. Olive oil
  8. White wine vinager
  9. Salt and pepper
  1. First of all find a pretty platter or bowl to create your salad. I am a firm believer in ' you eat with your eyes.'
  2. Lay your spinach on your platter/bowl then place your sliced avocado on top of the leaves.
  3. Next use a spoon to scoop the lovely pink papaya flesh out of the skin and place it over the avocado. It doesn't need to be perfect so don't worry.. Wherever it falls!
  4. Once that is done use your fingers to crumble the feta over the top. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect.. Big chunks or a fine sprinkling.. Whatever you fancy.
  5. I then threw over the pomegranate seeds. I just love the way they pop in your mouth when you bite them!
  6. Toast your sunflower seeds in a small frying pan. To do this you just put the seeds in the pan and turn on the heat. You don't need any oil as they are naturally oily when they toast up. They should go light and golden. Watch them carefully though as they catch quite quickly. Sprinkle the toasted seeds on top of the salad for a nice crunch.
  7. Next it's the turn of the salt and pepper. I use Malden sea salt flakes and grind my own black pepper. As much as you like of both here.
  8. For the dressing I simply used extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinager. A good drizzle of each.
  9. That is it.. Toss it all together and enjoy!
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Bon appetit

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