Pig and Pallet

As you can imagine, the Pig and Pallet is a pretty meaty place.. but, I still wanted to go! I don’t eat meat but my boyfriend does and I knew he would love it there. So, on Saturday lunchtime we caught the train to Topsham and made our way over to Topsham Quay. I had heard lots of great things about the burgers and they stock lots of interesting charcuterie, artisan products and have a pretty good dried chilli selection too.

We ordered our drinks while we checked out the menu. I went for Cawston Press rhubarb and Steve had a pint of local pale ale by Powderkeg Brewery called Speakeasy.

Steve decided on the Devon Ruby Steak burger served with slaw, fries, pickles, mustard and BBQ sauce. I opted for the mixed leaves and a portion of their speciality breaded onion rings. 

We went to the bar to order and we were greeted by a lovely, chatty lady who was eager to help with our choices. I explained I didn’t eat meat and she didn’t look down her nose considering it is a predominantly meat based menu! She showed me the veggie options which were mac and cheese and “The Herbivore” burger. Smoked halloumi, portobello mushroom, tomato and swish cheese. On a normal day that would have been in my tum but I had dinner plans in the evening so tried to be sensible and not stuff myself silly. I do plan to go back and try that burger though and when I do I will pop a note at the bottom with my review of that! Steve’s burger was cooked beautifully. He mentioned that he would have preferred a toasted bun but other than that I hardly heard a peep out of him. Which means it must have been pretty darn good!

My onion rings were crispy and tasty but a little luke warm which was a shame.. If they had been hotter then they would have been top notch. The salad was good. Lots of green leaves with homemade pickles. Yum!

The Pig and Pallet is pretty rustic in design. A lot of the seating is made from recycled pallets (hence the name) and soft furnishings made of old sacks and sailcloth. They are situated right next to a boat yard on the quay so it all fits and works well. The light fittings are quirky too… small crates made into lampshades alongside glass jars filled with bulbs. It’s pretty cool and very inventive .Upcycling to the max! 

I look forward to going back to try “The Herbivore” at some point and having a glass of Pebblebed wine made just up the road! Wonderful.

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