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Last night Steve and I visited a pop up wine shop/wine bar in South Street, Exeter. I had read about it weeks ago but hadn’t found the time to go until now. I am so glad I did! Project vino is the latest pop up venture in Exeter. It’s a great place where you can go and try a reasonably priced great glass of wine that perhaps you wouldn’t get the opportunity to try any where else. Obviously a pop up wine bar isn’t going to be swanky.. There are no frills here. It’s an empty unit in Exeter that has been given a new breath of life for the three months that Project Vino have it. To me it feels like places you get abroad.. Particularly a place i visited in Barcelona in February. You sit at basic tables on benches amongst the wine. They offer some nibbley bits for you to enjoy whilst sampling your wines.. A cheese board, charcuterie or lovely Italian olives.

Now, on to the wines…

They serve their wines in 125ml units or you can have tasting ‘flights’ to sample few without having a heavy head the next day. This is exactly what Steve and I did. I opted for the trio of Italian rose and white and Steve had the trio of Italian reds. Three little glasses filled with glorious wines that you can taste and compare. It gave us the opportunity to taste three different wines from places that perhaps you normally wouldn’t try and with grape varieties that are different and exciting! I am now hooked on a Sicilian wine called Curatolo Arini Zibibbo. I would never have normally tried this wine even if I saw it on a wine list as I wouldn’t know what it was. It is a Sicilian wine made with zibibbo grapes that are also known as Moscato di Alessandria. The winemaker says that it has flavours of a Mediterranean garden with mint, citrus fruits,orange blossom,white rose and acacia. To me it was fruity.. It had a slight ‘melon’ taste. I thought it was absolutely divine. I hope to be able to purchase more before the pop up disappears from Exeter.


The guy who runs the pop up really knows his stuff. He was able to explain everything about all the wines on his menu. He told me he used to compile wine lists for restaurants and hotels. He obviously has had an awful lot of experience in tasting and trying lots of unusual wines! What a job.. And now he is doing something equally exciting with his pop up. I hope he manages to find a more permanent venue in the city in the near future. I urge you all to visit before it goes. As I write this there are seventeen days left!

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