Sunday lunch at Lloyds kitchen

Steve and I decided on Lloyds Kitchen as the venue for our lunch on Sunday. We wanted to try something new and Lloyds Kitchen was on my list of places to try. 

We arrived at 1pm and the place was empty which surprised me! I had booked but there didn’t seem any need at this point. We were greeted by a lovely waitress Beth, who said we could take our pick of the tables. We opted for a table in the window so we could watch the world go by.
We were handed our menus and ordered some drinks to whet our appetites as we perused the menu. Steve chose a pint of the Cornish lager, Korev and I had a Luscombe elderflower bubbly. (from Devon!) by the time our drinks had arrived the place had really started filling up. I guess we were trend setters!! Haha!

After reading through the menu I decided on one of the “light bites”, calamari. I asked Beth if I would need a side salad too and she thought that it might be wise. Steve had the steak burger with fries.

The food came quickly and looked and smelt delicious. Steves burger looked pretty impressive when it arrived with a steak knife through the middle like a dagger! The burger itself was a good size cooked medium-rare. It was encased in a lovely looking brioche bun with some onion relish and a little lettuce and tomato. He had a little basket of shoestring fries on the side. 

 My calamari was stacked on sweet chilli sauce with a few leaves as garnish. I was glad of the extra greenery in my side salad though. Beth was right! I have said in the past that I judge a place on its calamari! It is so hard to get it right you see.. The tempura batter was flavoured with black pepper and had a lovely peppery kick to it.. It just wasn’t crispy! Such a shame.. A lot of it had fallen off the squid rings too. I can’t fault the flavours though.. The peppery batter with the chilli sauce worked very well. I just missed the crunch!

We decided that a shared cheese board might be in order. I think it was just an excuse for Steve to have another pint of Korev! I opted for a mug of tea to wash down my cheese! Who needs port eh??

 The cheese board arrived with a selection of cheeses. One cheddar, a soft cheese that tasted like a Camembert style cheese to me and a soft blue. It was served with chutney and some oatcakes and crackers. The one thing that I didn’t like about the cheese board was the two little foil wrapped butters that it came with. Who needs butter when having cheese and crackers? And if they do perhaps a chunk of butter would be visually more appealing!?

I think Lloyds Kitchen is a buzzing little place. Don’t expect a fine dining experience, it’s definitely more of a casual affair. The flavours are good and the service on this Sunday lunchtime was very good. I would go back again but perhaps for an evening meal with a group of friends. I think it would be a good group party kind of venue. 


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