Sundays Are Made For Brunching

Sundays. The one day of the week where I don’t have to be anywhere in particular. A day for seeing friends and family, enjoying long overdue catch ups over delicious food and getting out in the fresh air.

I love that feeling on a Sunday morning when you first open your eyes from a good nights sleep and think “what day is it? Do I have to get up?” Then reality hits that you don’t and you sink a little bit further under the duvet to take advantage of those few extra precious moments. Complete joy. To be honest, for me a lie in is around 7am! I am a (very) early riser but that 7am lie in feels like pure luxury!

Knowing that I don’t have to jump up and hurry out of the house gives me time at home to create delicious breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners. I am in my element when in the kitchen creating and entertaining. I absolutely love having guests over to share a meal and brunch is a great way of sharing great food, catch up on gossip and plan exciting adventures for the week ahead.

I was asked my Warrens Bakery, the oldest bakery in Cornwall, if I would like to sample some of their baked goods and I jumped at the chance to bring together chums for a girlie Sunday brunch.

I headed out bright and early to the South Street, Exeter branch to pick up my goodies. This relatively new addition to the Warrens Bakery family is a Cornish pasty lovers dream! Warrens are the oldest Cornish pasty maker in the world and one of the oldest artisan bakeries in the U.K. There is a cute story to how Warrens Bakery came about. Through a love affair it would seem! The original shop was opened in 1860 and at the heart of it lies a romance between two local families, the Harvey’s and the Warrens. Miss Harvey, the daughter of a St. Just baker fell for Master Warren, a farmers son. While the farm provided fresh ingredients from the fields the Harvey’s made and baked the pasties. You can’t beat a little love story, can you?

Of course, Cornish pasties weren’t on my brunch menu although if my chum Sarah had been able to have come I might have made an exception for her. She is a bit of a pasty aficionado you see! Instead, I opted for freshly baked artisan breads to make my ‘build your own bruschetta’. Plus Belgian buns, a saffron loaf and beautiful pastel coloured mini meringues. To have alongside I served thick yoghurt, juicy berries and my all time favourite fruit at this time of the year, blood oranges. The table was laden with delicious treats and created quite a buzz when my guests arrived.

Teas, coffees and juices were served and we all got stuck in. The build your own bruschetta were a favourite of my guests. Toppings galore were on offer to create the perfect breakfast toast. The Saffron loaf was my top choice. Heavily studded with fruit and amber in colour. I couldn’t stop myself from nibbling away. I will definitely be heading back to Warrens Bakery for more.

You can find the Exeter branch of Warrens Bakery at 1, South Street, EX1 1DZ. Telephone number 01392 214888.

Additional photographs: Chantelle Bridgman.

Disclaimer: I was kindly asked by Warrens Bakery to write a post featuring their products. I wasn’t paid for the post and all views are my own as always.

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