My Week In Pictures 16/17

My week in pictures

Those of you living in the UK will have been experiencing some pretty glorious sunshine of late with last Sunday being the best day of them all. Sunshine from the moment I woke until the sun went down. It was glorious. I met up with my friend Emma and we headed off in the car. A short drive out of town to the edge of Dartmoor and Steps Bridge. The sun was beaming down and the shade from the trees was welcome during our walk. We had so much fun exploring the woods. I found a little teepee made of branches that I just had to get inside. I also found a whole load of wild garlic but unfortunately I didn’t have anything to carry the leaves home in so I had to leave it behind. I do plan to get back out there before the season ends to pick a plenty though. Anyone else want to come? I feel a wild garlic pesto recipe amongst others coming on. Devon is such a beautiful part of the world and I am so lucky to call it my home.

After our walk we ventured in to the nearby village of Dunsford to check out a cafe that was getting good reviews for their cream teas! How could I not pop my head in to see what all the fuss was about!? The Walled Garden Cafe resides opposite the Church of St Mary’s on the Main Street in Dunsford. An old fashioned tea room serving light lunches and cakes galore. On Sundays they serve a roast lunch and through the summer months they also open weekend evenings for meals with a BYO bottle policy! How enticing is that on a warm summers evening?

Keeping up with the sweet theme I was a judge at the Taste of The West awards. Held annually and now in its 24th year it was an honour to be asked. It was odd venturing back on to the site of Exeter College where I studied two decades ago. A lot has changed and I had forgotten all about the pretty nooks and crannies with picnic tables, beautiful shrubs and plants. It really seems like a pleasant environment to study. I was on ice cream duty and tasted about 38 in total. Goodness me, I had an incredible sugar high when I left and walked home. So much so I had to take myself off for a walk to burn some of it off!

On Wednesday my friend Chantelle popped over for a quick bite to eat and a catch up in her lunch break. I made Shakshuka which went down a storm. For the recipe click here.

I also put up the Easter decorations such as they are!

On Thursday Steve and I met up with my stepdad, Tim. We had an afternoon tea date booked in at Hotel Du Vin. Good conversation flowed and compensated the lackadaisical service that was on display. This is the second time I have been dissapointed in the service on offer here and probably won’t return unfortunately. It’s such a shame as the building and grounds are stunning. I expect so much more from a 4 star hotel.

Friday was the first day in the long Easter weekend. After working for a few hours in the morning it was time to get into the holiday vibe and lunch with Steve’s parents. I made ricotta and Quicke’s cheese fritters in a tomato sauce. The fritters were a little messy to look at but they tasted pretty good.

My friend Becca came for dinner and drinks on Friday evening. We have been friends for years and years but probably not had a proper catch up for at least 2! Isn’t that nuts? Life and work just gets in the way sometimes. But, saying that it was as if we had only seen each other yesterday. I guess that’s a true sign of friendship. I chargrilled a load of veggies that I had marinated for a few hours in soy, garlic and chilli and served them in tortillas with an avocado and feta dip. Oh my goodness, it was so yummy!

I hope you all have a lovely break this Easter and manage to take some time out with your friends and family. I plan to make a yummy brunch and take a walk weather permitting. Keep checking out my Instagram stories for up to date news on what I am up to. 

Happy Easter!

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