My Week In Pictures 18/16

My week in pictures

Steve and I met Johanna at my favourite pub The Hour Glass on Sunday for a spot of lunch. I had the most delicious stew of chargrilled squid, borlotti beans and Swiss chard. Steve and Johanna opted for the roast ribeye beef. You can read my full blog post here.

When we returned home from The Hour Glass we felt it was time to plant up Miss Marple’s ashes. I told you last week in “My Week In Pictures” that I had purchased a beautiful plant from the farmers market. The leaves were ginger in colour and when it blooms pretty white flowers emerge. Miss Marple was the most beautiful ginger pussy cat with a small amount of white under her chin and white whiskers. So this plant was a perfect choice.

I now feel happy that she has been put to rest and I can look at her now every day again.

Last Monday was a Bank Holiday. That means in England (for many people) it was an extra day off. The weather wasn’t great so we decided on a walk down to Double Locks for lunch. Double Locks is about a three mile walk from Exeter city centre. So you feel like you have earned your lunch when you get there and you can walk it off on the way back! On the walk down we were lucky enough to see a fox sitting by the side of the canal. We stopped and watched him for a while as he sat there.

Double locks is situated by the side of the canal and when the weather is great you can sit outside and enjoy the view. When the weather isn’t that great then it gets a bit chaotic inside the pub. Loads of dogs and families. I have never not seen the place rammed! It certainly isn’t restful! Double Locks has a pretty rustic vibe about it. The food is hearty pub grub with no airs or graces. I had the soup of the day. A tasty carrot, honey and ginger soup served with granary bread and butter. Steve had the steak and ale pie with chips and peas. Steve said the pie was very good. The pastry was crisp and the filling was crammed with big chunks of steak.

It has been Tara’s Busy Kitchens first birthday this week. Thank you to all that inspired me to finally bite the bullet and do it! I can’t believe how much I have achieved in the past year and I am really proud of how the blog is progressing! Here’s to many more birthdays and milestones. 

I met Amber on Thursday at noon and we took the short walk to the quayside to visit The Welcome Cafe. We had hoped to sit outside but unfortunately we had been beaten to it by every man and his dog! We settled ourselves at a table inside and perused the menu. Lots of yummy things were jumping out at us. Jacket potatoes, wraps, sandwiches, quiches and various things on toast. After much debating we both decided on the soup of the day served with a cheese scone. The soup was cream of courgette and it was absolutely scrummy. The cheese scone was served warm with plenty of butter so we could slather it on and wait for it to melt. So good…

We chatted about Amber’s wedding that was a few weekends ago now. We followed that with honeymoon talk and her trip with her new husband to the wonderful city of Barcelona. Then, the chit chat turned into foodie talk. We both love food and talking about food so it finished our lunch date perfectly!

I met my friend Emma for a cup of tea once Amber and I had parted ways. We got a takeaway from the Magdalen cafe on Magdalen Road in St Leonard’s. I had been in the area purchasing some local cheese board goodies for the blogs first birthday party. There is a wonderful little deli there called Bon Gout which has an amazing range of local foodie delights as well as things from further afield.

I had some rather beautiful strawberries in my Veg In A Box delivery this week. I’ve never seen anything like them before so I had to take some pictures!

I’ve also been given some Mrs Gills chocolate brownies so a yummy dessert was made with chocolate brownie, Ashclyst Dairy natural yoghurt and little tiny strawberries. How delicious!

Once again my week has been crammed full of wonderful foodie goodies. I have visited some of my favourite places in Exeter and sampled some yummy delights. Next week I will be mostly planning the Tara’s Busy Kitchen first birthday party which I can’t wait to tell you all about! It is a “Pot Luck” party where all the guests bring a dish. Either sweet or savoury. It’s completely up to them what it is. The host (me) has no say in what they bring so it really is “pot luck”. I have given everybody a theme to follow though and that theme is “keep it local”. I can’t wait to see what everyone brings!

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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  1. What a lovely plant to remember Miss Marple by. We still need to bury my dog’s ashes, she’s currently sitting on our bookshelf in a pretty little tin! We walked down to the Double Locks at the weekend (in that short lived summer we had!) and spotted a load of wild garlic growing by the side of the canal! I recommend going for a good forage whilst it’s still there 🙂 there’s some on the university campus too! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

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