My Week In Pictures 19/16

As you read this on Sunday i will be recovering from my Tara’ Busy Kitchens first birthday party! I don’t want to give too much away as a full post will follow very soon but needless to say there was an abundance of wonderful locally sourced food and drink! What a celebration!

I have been in the kitchen a lot this week. I love cooking and preparing food. Particularly when cooking for friends and family. Steve and I have been “eating the rainbow” as I work my way through my veg box from Veg In A Box. 

I popped over to Quicke’s Farm on Tuesday to collect a selection of fabulous locally made cheeses for my “pot luck” party. The theme was “keep it local” so I was preparing a cheese board and various cheesey accompaniments. I have built up a great relationship with Quicke’s over the past few months and I find their cheeses and other dairy delights outstanding. Read about my last visit here. I also have something very exciting lined up next month with Quicke’s Farm that I can’t tell you about yet but watch this space! I can’t tell you how excited I am…

Nan and Tim popped over for a pre-birthday afternoon tea. It’s my birthday next week on top of the blogs first birthday so it is celebration time! I made some fruit scones to have with some rather wonderful Ashclyst Dairy clotted cream and some rhubarb and ginger jam I had picked up on my recent travels to Hampshire. I had also made some of my famous Black Forest Brownies. The recipe is available here if you fancy making them. They always go down a storm. Most people love something chocolatey in their afternoon tea don’t they?

It was lovely to catch up on all the news as I hadn’t seen Nanny for a while. She seemed to be having a great time tucking into her afternoon tea!

On Thursday I headed north and paid a visit to Elmhurst. A vocational ballet school in the heart of Birmingham. It meant a very early wake up call of 4.30am to arrive for a 9am registration.

After a short tour of the school’s facilities with the other teachers attending the open day we chose our classes. I had chosen the year 8 boys for my morning class and year 9 girls for the class after lunch.

The five year 8 boys were being taken through their paces by the softly spoken Mr Ho. Two hours passed in a flash and it was time for their bow. It was wonderful seeing them move through their exercises with relative ease. They seemed to have a wonderful respect and rapport with Mr Ho. It was lovely to watch.

Next came lunch… A rather tasty buffet put on by the catering staff at the school. I enjoyed the selection of salads, cheeses and nibbles. It was just what I had needed after my incredibly early start.

 After lunch it was time for the year 9 girls. A much bigger class of about 12 or 13. They again had a two hour intense class working through barre work, centre practice, adage and allegro. It was great to see the progression through the exercises and I will certainly be taking on board a few of the ideas presented in the class. It is always a great learning tool watching other dance teachers teach.

On the way back to Devon I stopped at the most fabulous service station. The Gloucester service station is far superior to any other motorway pit stop I have ever visited. A fabulously stocked farm shop with beautiful fresh local veggies, chilled goods, beers and wines etc. There is a fabulous delicatessen there too. I could have spent a fortune in there..

I popped into the cafe and purchased a cup of tea. I sat outside by the small pond and trickling waterfall. The sun was beating down and it was truely lovely. 

Friday and I was back at work but managed a little pit stop at Cafe Espresso next to Exeter Castle. Steve and I sat in the sunshine for about thirty minutes before I had to leave for work. If only I could have stayed out in the sunshine longer.

Next week I am visiting the Devon County Show and I can’t wait. It’s been a number of years since I last went. It was always a birthday treat for me growing up. It always falls the week before or after my birthday. I will be featuring the show here on my blog I have no doubt.

In the meantime have a great week. Don’t forget to check me out on Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and snapchat for more foodie fun!

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