My Week In Pictures 2/17

The biggest celebration of the week for me was New Years Eve. It was spent at home with Steve and friends Carmen and Alex. There was plenty of food (obviously) mostly centring around cheese! I can’t tell you how much cheese I have eaten over the last couple of weeks. I dread to think how many deliciously cheesey pounds I have gained!

New Year’s Day was pretty wet but it didn’t dampen our spirits. We started with a delicious brunch at Tara’s Busy Kitchen. I made guacamole and served it alongside chilli fried eggs, roast gammon and toast. To wash this all down mocktails were served. Refreshing Somerset apple juice mixed with elderflower and lemon and decorated with pomegranate seeds. Totally scrummy!

I have been trying to get in a walk everyday rain or shine. Despite the cold temperatures. I’ve been on holiday from teaching for 4 weeks now (I thankfully restart tomorrow!) and I miss the exercise. I get a little “stir-crazy” if I don’t get out of the house and move! There is so much to see and visit on my doorstep. I love watching the birds, seeing the falling leaves and collecting little treasures like pine cones and flower skeletons.

It was Tim’s birthday this week so I baked a cake. A pretty simple cake after the over indulgences of Christmas and New Year. I figured we had all been over doing it for the past two weeks or so, so frosting was out of the question. I did however keep the festive vibe going with warming ginger and seasonal pears. Oh and a spritz of gold edible glitter! Perfect! For the recipe click here.

I was invited to a Galette Des Rois competition with my friend Sophie. A French tradition that celebrates epiphany with a special cake made of puff pastry and frangipane. Sophie was on the judging panel and being French she knew her stuff. She pointed me in the direction of the good galettes so I could try the best of the bunch and miss out on the less triumphant bakes!

Whoever comes upon the “feve”, a token or figurine hidden in the frangipane filling  is proclaimed the king or queen of the feast, and crowned with a cardboard diadem that comes with each cake. I found a figurine of a king in my slice which made my day but unfortunately I wasn’t presented with a crown.

I hope you have all enjoyed the first week of January and aren’t feeling the blues!? Try and think of the lighter evenings and the sunshine that are just around the corner. I have already spotted some primroses poking out of the ground with their wonderfully yellow petals. They think spring is on it’s way and I agree. Here’s to warmer temperatures and bobble hat free days!

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