My Week In Pictures 28/17

Windout Barn

Alongside the amazing weather there has been some amazing eating experiences. Last Sunday being one of them. Steve and myself alongside our friends Nick and Harry of Devon Food Hour fame headed off to Windout Barn near Tedburn St Mary.

What an afternoon. The sun was beating down which made it perfect outdoor eating weather. Communal dining is a huge thing at the moment with many farms flinging opening their barn doors or farm gates for guests to come and sit at long tables and break bread with like minded individuals. In fact I have something in the planning with Kate Shirazi of Cakeadoodledo and Dalwood Vineyard near Honiton so look out for info on that over the coming weeks.. exciting stuff!

Anyway, I digress.. back to Windout Barn and lunch. We were invited to sample their smoky lunch collaboration with Woodfired Canteen. Whole smoked chickens, salads and the most wonderful rustic bread were served up for us all to tuck in to. The food was fantastic plus the company and weather added to my personal enjoyment. A full post will follow next week but take a look at these pictures to whet your appetite.

My lovely 92 year old Nanny has recently moved into a residential care home and I try to plan a weekly visit. My friend Jemma and her gorgeous son, William came with me on Thursday morning. Nan was pretty smitten with little William. It’s amazing what joy little babies can bring to the older generations.

From our visit we headed to Darts Farm for coffee and cake.

My week in pictures

When you read this I will have broken up from ballet for the summer holidays. I have eight weeks of evenings and weekends free. The joy! Of course my part time job continues but I hope to have time to explore lots of foodie haunts and create some yummy recipes for you all. Next week I am off on my annual holiday and Sardinia is my sunny destination. I can’t wait to try the local Cannonau wine which is said to boost life expectancy. The sardinians have one of the highest life expectancies in the world. As part of the ‘Blue Zone’ many people live way beyond 100 years. It’s all down to the good food and wine apparently. I can’t wait to find out.

You can keep up with my travels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as usual. Have a great week everyone and look out for my full Windout Farm post!

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    1. I think Peggy was smitten with William wasn’t she? And yes.. that shortbread was divine. Worth a trip to Darts Farm for! X

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