My Week In Pictures 30/17

Roasted Aubergine with Kale Pesto

I started my week in Bosa. A small town on the western side of Sardinia. Nestled alongside the River Temo, I found a place in my heart for this this town. Steve and I stayed in a narrow house that spanned 4 floors in the old town. We couldn’t have hoped for a better location. A stones throw from the main street and the river where most of the cafes, restaurants, bars and shops are situated. We were lucky enough to have one of the best restaurants in Bosa at the bottom of our little cobbled street. It was so good we visited twice! Locanda Di Corte Trattoria served up traditional Sardinian recipes in a beautiful courtyard setting. In fact you could see the courtyard from our little balcony.

Bosa’s restaurant scene was great in my opinion with lots to choose from with many price points. In fact our Air B&B hosts husband had a food truck just over the river cooking up delicious food at a fraction of some restaurant prices. I really enjoyed this novel holiday dining experience by the river so check out Alduccio Ristorante Itinerante.

Whilst exploring Bosa, Steve and I came across a lady selling juicy tomatoes from her doorway. Of course I had to stop and buy some so I scooped up handfuls of tomatoes into a brown paper bag which was then weighed. She threw in a few more to make it up to a kilo and then charged me 1€!! Can you believe it? I couldn’t.. this is why I love Italy!

Back home in Devon I was thrown back into work but managed to squeeze in lunch with my friend Wanda. She had prepared a delicious salad with smoked salmon and hard boiled eggs followed by cheese. Just what was required after a busy morning at work. For dessert she presented me with a bowl of berries with mini ameretti and some of her own homemade Crème de Cassis. I was in heaven.

Holidays seem to come and go so fast don’t they? You count down the weeks until you go and then before you know it… Boom! They are over. I can’t believe I will have to wait another year at least before my next.

Well, there you have it. Another Week In Pictures completed. Next week I will be working like a demon. With it being school holidays any work I am offered I am taking as I never know when the next offer might come. In and amongst work I have a trip planned to Dalwood Vineyard with Kate Shirazi from Cakeadoodledo. We have an exciting collaboration in the pipeline so watch this space. I also have dinner plans with friends and another clothes swap scheduled which is always great fun. Coffee, cake and clothes.. a normal girls perfect scenario! I am also working with Shillingford Organics on some recipes using their veg box as inspiration so look out for that too!

Have a great week everyone and I look forward to sharing more of my adventures with you very soon.

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