My Week In Pictures 35/17

Week in Pictures

It’s been a week of alfresco dining for me. Firstly, two picnics at the beginning of the week taking in the beautiful bank holiday sunshine and secondly getting to eat lunch and supper outside in the courtyard.

As I prepare to go back to teaching ballet I have been trying to be outside as much as possible. I know that from Monday I will be spending large proportions of my time in the dance studio. As much as I love my job and dancing, I do miss being outside so this week it has been a mission of mine to get outdoors.

On Monday Steve and I drove over to Sidmouth, parked up and took a walk up to Peak Hill. We set up our picnic overlooking the town below and Jacobs Ladder beach to our right. The sun was warm on our backs and it was blissful being underneath it.

Whilst picnicking in Sidmouth, Steve and I discovered the most delicious popcorns by Popcorn Shed. Using traditional family recipes like salted caramel, pecan pie and rich chocolate, the flavours take popcorn to another level. I for one was in heaven. I think the salted caramel was a particular favourite and feel a little recipe coming on. I’m thinking a top end rocky road?? Any other suggestions please comment in the “leave a reply” box below.

I have been creating in the kitchen again this week and these minted pea bruschetta were an absolute delight. I must get the recipe written down for you all.

I made my way over to my friend Gemma’s house on Thursday and spent the day with her. We walked in the beautiful Devonshire countryside, played with her gorgeous dog, Dayna and had lunch out in the garden. A welcome break from my summer job.

On Friday night Tim joined Steve and myself for an alfresco supper with a Mediterranean feel. He had come over for the World Cup qualifier between England and Malta. I had based my supper on a delicious lunch that Steve and I had had whilst on holiday in Malta a few years ago. We had homegrown tomatoes, local cheeses, Emma’s Bread and olives and capers from The Real Food Store. I had also made a salad of roasted homegrown runner beans, tomatoes and garlic. We sat outside to enjoy our feast before retreating inside to watch the match.

Next week goes a little nuts! I still have my summer job so I will be doing that on top of my teaching AND trying to fit in a social life too! Wish me luck! I am always up for a challenge. Squeezing in a bit of fun here and there will be a priority of mine.

Don’t forget to follow my day to day goings on through Instagram stories and Twitter. Have a fabulous week everyone.

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