My Week In Pictures 49/16

My Week In Pictures

Sunday was a pretty hectic day. Lots of running around trying to fit everything in. I managed to do everything on my list which was a bonus. I was trialling a recipe for my next Tara’s Busy Kitchen event and had to get these little rose and pistachio scones made before I headed off to the Fore Street Flea. The Fore Street flea happens three or four times a year and is a great little treat for a Sunday afternoon. The street gets closed to traffic and all the traders bring their wares out on to the street alongside regular Joe’s who bring their “hand me downs” to sell. In fact my friend Emma had a pitch and was selling some of her vintage finds.

After purchasing a little dotty shirt and a few other bits and pieces I made my way home to have afternoon tea with another friend Carmen. She was on hand to give her verdict on my rose and pistachio scones. They got a thumbs up but need a little bit of tweeking before my tea party on the 11th. We chatted away over jasmine tea for a good couple of hours. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I have been working on recipes for an online student magazine over the past few months. Help I’m A Student is an online magazine aimed to guide students through their university days. I am on hand to provide cheap, nourishing and satisfying recipes that takes them away from the stereotypical frozen pizzas and microwaveable meals. I thought that I would highlight the recipes as I am pretty proud of them. In fact there are a number that I make regularly at home with my homemade smoky beans on garlic toast and one pan chilli eggs and avocado being among my favourites.

On Thursday Steve and I caught the train to Honiton in order to make our way to one of the most beautifully set and decorated hotels I have ever been to. THE PIG at Combe is a perfectly polished gem nestled in the Devonshire countryside. I was in my element as I was shown around the wonderful kitchen gardens by Alex, one of the clever kitchen gardeners. Greenhouse after greenhouse, vegetable bed after vegetable bed were shown to me in the perfectly crisp cold sunshine. My appetite was building and I wasn’t let down by the menu. All produce sourced within a 25 mile radius of the hotel and many of the vegetables and herbs grown in the kitchen garden just a few feet from the kitchen. I will write more about my visit at a later date but in the mean time here are a few photos that I had to share with you!

And if that wasn’t enough food for one day, Steve and I walked up to The Real Food Store for their first late night Christmas opening. They were offering delicious mince pies and mulled cider for the festivities. I had to have a mince pie didn’t I..? It was December 1st after all and I feel a mince pie every day until Christmas Day needs to be consumed!

Friday was officially a holiday for me. I had the weekend off from my usual teaching so Steve and I made our way down to St Ives for an early Christmas treat. I’ve never visited St Ives before so was excited to see the town and check out the art and foodie scene. I can’t wait to share my time there with you so watch this space for future posts.

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Have a great week everyone!

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