Base + Barley #greatdevonbaseoff

 Last Thursday evening i had a really fun night out with Steve at Base + Barley. They were opening their doors for the first time and hosting a little invite only event called the #greatdevonbaseoff. 

We arrived at 6pm and were greeted by Sarah who was in charge of the event preparation through Chalk and Ward. She was delightful and took us through to the bar and offered us drinks. I had prosecco and Steve had an American pale ale called Dead Pony Club, which he liked very much. They had a pretty decent array of craft ales and lagers. You could even have a pint of Yellow Hammer ale if you fancied it. Great for traditional ale drinkers.

We had some dough balls with garlic butter to whet our appetites whilst we mingled with the other guests. 

Once everyone had arrived and had a drink in hand we were gathered around the pizza oven for a quick master class in making the perfect pizza by the pizza chef. Once our mini education was over we were split into four categories. I was in the first category and Steve was in the third.

I was up against Lucy Fisher from Exeter Cookery School and managed to come out the winner of my category. Not sure how! I made a simple mushroom and mozerella pizza with a touch of fresh basil. I didn’t want to mess with the flavours too much.



Steve was in category three and up against Latoya from the blog Sugar Pink Food as well as a couple of others. His pizza was chorizo and pepper and very tasty.. He didn’t fare so well though..Latoya won.

The other rounds were won by Jim from Exeter Cookery School and chap called Steve. (I think! ) Let me know who you are!

The four category winners were then asked to compete against each other for the grand prize. We all made our pizzas again and did any tweeking that we felt we needed to do. I made my mushroom pizza again but with a touch of seasoning this time. 

Unfortunately I didn’t win the grand prize. (A lovely bottle of Prosecco) Jim from Exeter Cookery School beat me to it. I later heard from Sarah that I had missed out by one point! There is always next year!


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