Deliveroo Date Night.

Thursday evening was “date night”! Steve and I decided that a takeaway from Thai Orchid on Exeter’s Cathedral Green was the way forward and the new Exeter based delivery service Deliveroo were going to provide us with the said meal.

The process was so simple. Head to the Deliveroo website and key in your postcode. The site gives you all the restaurant choices delivering in your area along with the time it takes for the food to arrive at your door.


Once you’ve chosen your restaurant, you can then peruse their menu. Deliveroo list everything just like a normal restaurant menu with the prices and a description. Just click on the items you want. This adds your food to your basket and tots up how much you are spending. So if you have budget then its easy to stay within it. You choose the time you want it delivered, key in your card details and then wait for your doorbell to ring!

We requested delivery for 6.45pm and our doorbell rang 10 minutes early at 6.35pm. Our delivery driver was very polite and even consented to a quick picture. He must have thought I was a loon asking. Giggle!

I have to confess I was a little excited. I hurried into the kitchen to unload our wares. Everything was packaged in plastic tuppawares or foil trays. All piping hot except for our jasmine rice. That was lukewarm… I would have preferred it at a slightly warmer temperature if I’m honest.

I had some serving plates warming in the oven ready to receive our Thai goodies! I plated it all up and took it through to the dining room where Steve was waiting with a cold ale. I had a glass of vino poured ready.

We both agreed that the quality of the food and the prompt delivery were excellent and we would definitely be using Deliveroo again. The Ā£2.50 delivery charge doesn’t break the bank either. 

We cleared our plates and were left with a little red snapper smile!! (Yes, that’s right.. It’s a fish head. Not for the squeamish!!)

The process of ordering and the smoothness of the delivery could not be faulted. Well done Deliveroo! You might have just won over a girl who NEVER gets a take away.. I guess the difference here is that they are delivering fresh, restaurant quality food. Not your usual greasy Chinese or deep pan pizza! 

I would say the Deliveroo service is definately worth a try.. With the cold winter months approaching I need never leave the house again!!

4 thoughts on “Deliveroo Date Night.

  1. I’m glad someone I know had tried Deliveroo. And such a wonderful critic! I feel if I lived in Exeter it could become a very dangerous option for dinner. I think a perfect opportunity for dinner 30/10. šŸ™‚
    I’m also glad I’m having Thai already tonight otherwise is be craving it now!

    1. Yes, good idea! It was so easy and a totally painless experience.. I think the list of restaurants will grow too so perhaps more choice at the end of the month? X

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