Let It Be Sunday – My Week In Picture #3

Let It Be Sunday - My Week In Picture #3

Wow! What a week. It’s been intense I am not going to lie. Working from home for most people means setting up your laptop in your spare room. For me, it means turning my lounge into a ballet studio come fitness studio and using every device known to man to play music, film and zoom. It’s not just me though. My colleagues at Exeter Academy of Dance are working just as hard from their homes for hours on end bringing every class on our timetable online. A massive shout out to them and an even bigger shout out to our family and loved ones for putting up with the noise and the fact that the main room in the house is out of bounds for 5 or 6 hours per day. If I could hug you all I would!

Daily Walks

It’s important to me to get out for fresh air every day and to stretch my legs. I know I am dancing for hours on end in my lounge every day so you would think more exercise would be the last thing on my mind but my daily walk is still a highlight of my lockdown life.

I love exploring my local area and supporting my local indies with a small purchase. Normally a coffee or hot chocolate and quite probably a piece of something sweet to take away!

My favorite spots I have visited this week have been The Secret Garden at Hilltop Riding Stables on Pennsylvania Road, Zuki’s on Queen Street, and The Common Beaver on Magdalen Road. To find out a bit more about The Secret Garden read my blog post here.

I also popped into the newly opened The Press House on Fore Street. A letterpress studio come coffee shop in the heart of Exeter’s creative quarter. I was welcomed so warmly into the cute little space full to brimming with vintage and repurposed furniture, green plants, and soft furnishings. I can’t wait for Lockdown 2.0 to end so I can nestle my bottom in one of their squidgy looking armchairs.

Cheese And Pumpkin Scones

I have been baking a lot this week in and around my classes. I find it very therapeutic. Plus of course, I love eating the results of my endeavors. If you missed my recipe for seasonal Cheese And Pumpkin Scones then here it is for you. Just click the link.

Television Recommendation

Last week I mentioned The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix and how I loved it. Well, this week I have been watching Unbelievable. It’s gripping. To be honest the first episode didn’t grab me so stick with it because as it progresses it’s brilliant. It’s based on a true story of a teen who reports being raped but then recalls her story whilst two female detectives unravel the truth behind it all. It’s only 8 episodes long so is quite fast-paced. I would highly recommend it.

Shop Local this Christmas

I believe really strongly that we all need to do our bit to help support our local community this Christmas. Without independent businesses in our local areas, lockdown 1 would have looked very different. It felt like all of the big businesses in my city shut their doors, took the furlough offered for its staff, and forgot about the people who live here. In contrast, the indies rallied providing delivery services, click and collects, and developed strategies and methods to keep their businesses ticking. Talking to business owners in the independent shops that I visit regularly, some have said that they are hanging by a thread.

Please can you stop and think about who you buy from this Christmas. Put your hard-earned cash into a business that works hard every day to keep afloat. Not only that though, try snd shop mindfully and sustainably. Think about how you wrap your gifts too. Reuse old wrap, ribbon, and gift bags, use recyclable paper, and use natural decoration to adorn your gifts.

I will be putting together a gift guide on my Instagram stories over the next couple of weeks showcasing the local and small (nationwide) businesses that I know and trust. Don’t forget to follow me on there to keep up to date with everything.

Have a wonderful week everybody and stay safe and well.

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