My week in pictures

So plans changed on Sunday. I was due to be the host for my gorgeous girlies Chloe and Sarah but ill babies got in the way.. We have rescheduled for next week so hopefully we can all get together then with no icky bugs getting in the way!! Instead I met Sarah for an afternoon tea catch up which seemed long overdue! We went to Patisserie Valerie. I hadn’t been there before and I might not go back! It was great to see Sarah and have a good old gossip but it was marred by an awful screaming child that was rolling around on the floor and rather disappointing cakes.. I didn’t even take a photo which is unlike me! Sarah and I made up for the fact it was a little under par by catching up on everything going on in our lives.. Her house decorating and my imminent kitten arrival and everything else in between! I look forward to seeing her again very soon.

I am the proud owner of my first pair of clogs! Everyone laughed when I said I wanted a pair and imagined me in big Dutch orange wooden clogs with braids in my hair!! These are nothing like this.. They are made by Lotta from Stockholm and I think they are gorgeous! They are feminine and incredibly cute.. Plus they are so, so comfortable. I already have my eye on the antique gold ones.. Eek! 



One of my many friends called Emma ( I have four! ) surprised me at work with a copy of Betty magazine. I was so excited as I had been meaning to purchase it for at least a fortnight. Betty magazines philosophy is for people to embrace who they are and celebrate it. An annual magazine that is filled with vintage inspired fashion, how – to guides, recipes and tips plus lots more. It’s a magazine for women to read from cover to cover and still feel good about themselves instead of wondering if you live up to the unrealistic representation of women in other magazines. The writers want Betty magazine to be your new best friend! I guess we will see about that. I intend to read it cover to cover! It looks like it’s little Biscottis best friend!!



I have managed to get outside again this week for lunch. I enjoyed this particular lunch so much.. It was basically a fridge clear out.. Homemade houmous, roasted sweet potato with paprika, a herbed pearl barley salad and some fine green beans. The flavour combinations worked so well.. I love it when that happens. It really was a miss – mash of a lunch but a darn fine one made even better by a bit of glorious sunshine in the courtyard! 


Have a wonderful week everybody! The school holidays begin for me next week so that means more free time to do some lovely things and in turn share them with you. 

P.s I hope the weather lasts!


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