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On sunny Saturday I hopped in the car down to Exmouth. A seaside town about twenty minutes drive from Exeter. I had been teaching ballet that morning and could see the sun shining from the studio. It inspired me to take a little trip to the coast. It was well worth it. The sun was shimmering on the sea and it actually felt warm on my skin. Such a contrast from the dreary days we had experienced lately. 

I walked beside the sea with my toes in the sand.. The first time this year. I hope it won’t be the last.



My lovely ginger cat Miss Marple has been very poorly this week. She has been diagnosed with kidney problems so it has all been a bit of a worry for Steve and myself this week. I took her to my local vets in St David’s, Exeter. A lovely young vet called Will gave her a thorough check up and decided that she needed to stay in kittie hospital. I hated leaving her but knew it was the best place for her in the light of her problems. The poor darling had to stay  for two nights. 
The whole time she was away all I could think about was giving her a big cuddle and a kiss.. She has the sweetest nature and is so loving. I expect that all the vetinary staff fell in love with her!!! 

She will need regular check ups and a special diet for cats with kidney problems. It’s going to be a challenge feeding Miss Marple seperately from the others but it’s something that must be done. We just need to adjust our daily routine slightly to accommodate all the cats. I am just so pleased that I took her to the vets when I did otherwise she might not have survived which doesn’t bare thinking about!


On a happier note I had a few days booked off from work this week. Our friend Alex came to visit. We decided that we would have a “stay-cation”. A little holiday with our home being our hotel! We wanted to explore our local area and have a general good time relaxing and enjoying time together. ( especially after the stresses of Miss Marple’s illness! )

Day one of our stay-cation was centred around home so we could plan our trips for the following few days. We tootled down to the City Gate pub to start our holiday. We were able to sit in the garden which was lovely. (They have a wonderful beer garden.)

There was a live little turtle (?) on a rock underneath the fountain soaking up the suns rays.

 The BBQ burning down provided warmth for our evening outside. Just what we needed!


Day two saw us travel to South Devon by car to Paignton to pick up an old fashioned steam train to Kingswear and then onto the foot ferry to Dartmouth.


Paignton is not a nice place so it was a relief to step back in time on a steam train. It was like being in an Agatha Christie whodunnit! Steve was like a schoolboy all over again! He loved that part of our day trip.

Dartmouth on the other hand was lovely. We mooched around in the sunshine before stopping off for lunch at a little French cafe. After lunch we continued browsing the little side streets. It wasn’t too long before Steve and Alex suggested ice cream. We stopped by the harbour to enjoy them.


Day three of our staycation we caught the train to Topsham to then catch the Topsham to Turf ferry. Turf locks is a pub across the river from topsham accessible by boat or on foot. It feels like a little adventure when you go on the boat and at £5.00 return per person it seems worth it to me.

We found a table in the sunshine and purchased some drinks to sup whilst we deliberated over the menu. 

Steve and Alex went for the ploughmans which when it arrived was a wonderful looking thing.. Lots of cheese, pickles, bread, crackers, chutney and a pork pie! I wanted something warming as there was a strong coastal breeze blowing. I opted for the smoked haddock chowder. It was very tasty and super hearty with all the potato, corn and fish. We shared some rather good skin on chips too.. Yum!

After lunch we returned via ferry to Topsham and ambled through the Main Street to the train station. Once back in Exeter we wanted to try a new bar that had opened the day before. A sister to our local the Rusty Bike and the Fat Pig. Tabac is the latest offering from the Fat Pig brewery. Situated by central station it is a great location. I opted for a lime and soda whilst Alex and Steve tried some of their alcoholic delights. Alex a pretty pink rosé and Steve one of the brewery’s own ales. We sat outside soaking up the last of the afternoon sun. I want to go back to Tabac again soon so I can experience it properly. It has a nice vibe about it.. Really laid back. Plus the decor is fab.. I want to spend a bit more time there to take it all in. 



This week has been a combination of good and bad. The beginning of the week was awful and incredibly draining. Miss Marple being so ill and hospitalised really took it out of me. I was emotionally drained. Now she is on the road to recovery.. Or as well as she will be I feel happier. I feel like I can relax and enjoy life a bit more. She needs constant monitoring and is on lots of medications at the moment so she does occupy a lot of my thoughts. A follow up check at the vets next week will help put my mind at rest providing there is an improvement.

On the brighter side, the end of the week has been fun. Steve, Alex and myself enjoying our stay-cation and visiting lots of lovely places. It is back to work and normality next week. Boo hiss!!!! I could get used to not working!!

As much as I am back to work I do have a few lovely things to do next week so I will tell you all about it in my next ” Week in pictures. “

Have a lovely week everybody!


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  1. What a great account of our wonderful stay-cation! Your interesting photos and descriptive words will have everyone wanting to do one. And so they should! Looking forward to the next update already….

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