My week in pictures

I met up with my friend Cassie for a little jaunt to the moors with her little doggy Roxy. Cassie and I have known each other for years. We used to dance together and now we both teach. As we were on our summer hols we thought we should get a date in our diaries for a catch up. We decided on a trip to Dartmoor, Haytor in fact. It’s about a thirty minute drive from Exeter I would say. 

We met up with our friend Alison once on the moors. (Alison plays the piano for my ballet classes on a regular basis in term time.) She came along with her pooch Harry! We marched up the Tor.. Well as quickly as we could with little Harrys legs being short and his penchant for sniffing things and stopping every three minutes or so! It was pretty blustery up there I have to say.. But the views are worth the crazy hair! 


We did a quick loop of the Tor and then walked back down.. Once again it was pretty slow going!

Our next port of call was Ullacombe Farm Shop a short drive from Haytor down the hill towards Bovey Tracey. It’s a farm shop with a rather nice cafe attached. We decided to sit outside with the pooches as by this point the weather had changed for the better. The sun was shining and it felt warm!! Hallelujah!

Cassie and I decided to have a cream tea for two whilst Alison went for a lovely looking prawn sandwich. A healthier choice than ours I have to say! When our cream tea arrived it was massive! Four big scones.. Two plain and two fruit with some raspberry and strawberry jam and clotted cream.. To be honest I think they were a bit stingy with the cream and jam considering the scones were so big.. I think there should be a good ratio of cream and jam to a scone!! Anyway, we ended up taking a scone each home as they were so large and the blimmin’ wasps were hounding us for the jam! It all became a bit stressful!! Ha ha!




I loved the little Kilner milk bottle that they gave us for our milk.. So cute! (Want one obviously! )


  Cassie, me and Roxy looking a tad windswept!


We had a lovely time up on the moors!! 

Cassie also delivered a wonderful veggie box to me all from her mums allotment.. Thank you Caroline!!

Such wonderful produce all grown locally and picked fresh that day! What a lucky girl I am!   

On the same kind of note I had a little harvest of my own this week.. A ripe tomato from the garden! First one of many I hope! 


My little cherry tomato harvest looks beautiful next to my Cabinet Studios rose gold ring and vintage kitchen finds! 

I met up with my youngest sister Juliet and Emma (Elliot) for a lovely Fentimans rose lemonade at my new favourite place Tabac on Queen Street. The rose lemonade looked particularly wonderful on the copper topped tables! I need more copper and rose gold in my life.. I need to get more of it incorporated into my home decor! A project in the making for the autumn me thinks!




Our eagerly anticipated new arrival Sicily started her new life with us this week. She is such a cutie and a beauty too.. We are very lucky to have her. We are in the process of sorting out our new routine with her. Miss Marple needs her special treatment and obviously the other cats need their individual needs met too.. Steve and I will be focusing on making sure that our exciting cats get plenty of cuddles whilst making sure Sicily gets enough attention. It’s a round the clock job! ( But worth it! )  



To celebrate sicily’s arrival we opened a bottle of Sharpham’s sparkling elderflower. ( I think it’s the second year of production.)  

It was the perfect tipple to welcome her to the family. The sparkling elderflower is made on the Sharpham Estate near Totnes by my friends husband Duncan. Chloe and Duncan own Mimble who is Sicily’s mother. 

The sparkling elderflower is wonderful…. Very light and dry with the lovely floral hit of the elderflowers. A low alcohol tipple at 5% so great on school night!! 

It’s been another week of highs and lows.. More highs can I just add! Miss Marple is still a worry with regards to her health but Steve and I are doing everything we can to make her life as comfortable as possible and giving her all the love and cuddles that she needs.. I just love hearing her purr! She is such a doll!!

Enjoy your week everyone! I have some lovely things planned so look forward to telling you about it all next week! Let’s hope the sun keeps on shining!


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