My Week In Pictures 17/16

Exeter Festival of Southwest Food and Drink

On Sunday I visited the Exeter Festival of Southwest Food and Drink. The sun was shining and it was the perfect temperature for mooching. I caught up with a few foodie friends which was nice. It was great to see Little’s Coffee, Blueberry Brothers, Louise’s Larder and Sharpham wines. I managed to make a few new contacts too which was great. I love championing local producers and artisans on the blog and the food festival was the perfect setting! Check out my full blog post on the festival for even more pictures and news.

On Tuesday I met up with my lovely friend Emma at Cakeadoodledo. Serving up the best indulgent cakes in town it’s a must for anyone who has a sweet tooth. Emma and I both had tea. I had a slice of vegan fruit cake and Emma had a cheesecake brownie. Both blimmin’ delicious I must say. Obviously I had to try Emma’s brownie didn’t I!? They also had some Unicorn cake on offer.. How pretty is that? Their cupcakes are always so pretty too..

On Thursday I got up early as I had a few bits to do before I headed off for a dance show meeting. My first point of call was the farmers market. I had ordered a plant from one of the stalls and needed to pick it up. The reason for buying this particular plant was its colour. Gingery leaves and when it flowers beautiful white buds emerge. At the end of last year my beautiful ginger cat Miss Marple passed away after an illness and it was incredibly sad obviously. Steve and I had her cremated privately so we could keep her ashes. We wanted to find a plant that represented her and I think we have found it. It’s a little small at the moment but it will grow. When it flowers I think it will be beautiful, just like Miss Marple.

I also wanted to pick up some bits from Shillingford Organics. I needed some salad leaves and beetroot so I could put it with my Quicke’s Goats Cheese to make a yummy salad. Roasted beetroot, peppery salad leaves and tangy goats cheese. So good!

I popped into the Real Food Store on my way back from the farmers market and picked up some bread from Emma’s Bread. It was a hard choice. 

I decided on the foccacia because the olives looked so juicy! What a treat…

I have spent the best part of this week dreaming of warmer climates and my holiday to Cefalu, Sicily a few weeks ago. I can’t stand this cold, wet and windy weather we’ve been having in the U.K. It’s been making me rather sad. I guess it’s the fact that it is now early May with my birthday soon approaching and it has always been relatively warm in past years. I want a little sunshine on my skin again to lift my spirits. I have a holiday booked for mid July to Split, Croatia but that seems like an eternity away! Please, someone, whisk me away to the sunshine…

It’s the blog’s first birthday this week so I will be celebrating that obviously. How time flies.. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. I am sure lots of cake will feature in my celebrations..

I have a few other foodie trips planned this week too. A trip to the Hour Glass for lunch and another to The Welcome Cafe so look out for some reviews soon.

Have a wonderful week everybody!

4 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures 17/16

    1. Ah.. Thank you so much. I enjoy spreading the word about my favourite local foodies.. I am glad that you enjoy reading about my foodie adventures. I certainly enjoy having the opportunity to try out the local wonderful produce available to us here in the southwest! In fact where ever I am I try and support the local producers and artisans of that area. I was recently in Hampshire and found a wonderful farm shop with lots of goodies from their local area and then in Sicily I experienced lots of local specialties. I think it’s really important to shop local wherever you are. It makes the whole shopping experience so much more enjoyable too don’t you think? Thank you for reading and following my foodie life. X

  1. Happy first blog birthday! Those cheesecake brownies sound delicious, I live far too close to Cakeadoodledo for this to be good news for my health and waist line! Looking forward to seeing the review of the Welcome Cafe, it looks like such a lovely spot xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

    1. Popping down to the welcome cafe on Thursday so it will feature very soon. Thank you for the birthday vibes! I can’t believe how fast this past year has gone. Thank you for sharing it with me X

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