My week in pictures

My week started with “cheese night”!! A monthly gathering of friends who have a love of cheese! The original members are Emma Baker ( now Garnet), Serena, Tash and myself…. We have honorary members that dip in and out too! On this occasion Wanda joined us around the table. Unfortunately Tash and Emma couldn’t make it so it was just the three of us this time. The idea of cheese night is that everyone makes a dish or two, sweet or savoury, that has cheese of any kind in the ingredients! We normally have a feast and this cheese night was no exception! I had prepared a nectarine and feta salad with spinach, red onion and pumpkin seeds and charred halloumi with a honey glaze. Wanda had made a rather wonderful Gorgonzola cheese sauce to have with pasta and long stemmed broccoli. She also made a very decadent chocolate cheesecake. Serena did one of her lovely baked cheesecakes with blueberry and lemon! What a feast! I told you it would be.. As you can guess we all had to try a little of everything! After the girls had left I felt a little full I have to say! It was wonderful to get together over a bottle of prosecco and the delectable edibles! We put the world to rights which seemed fitting for our monthly get together. We talked about things that were getting us down and things that were exciting us and pretty much everything in between! I guess it’s a free evening of counciling between friends!!






I had a few sick days in the week.. I am not very good at being ill. I hate lounging around. I feel like I should not waste a minute in my day. There was no way that that was the case on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I felt really under the weather. When I wasn’t in bed sleeping it off I made myself regular hot water bottles and lazed on the sofa with this good book from Exeter Library. 


It looks like little Sicily was enjoying the book too! Precious little thing!

Being poorly this week has really tested my patience. Firstly I haven’t had the energy or appetite to make or eat anything. It really is unlike me to be off my food. I did manage to make a wholesome lentil and root vegetable soup to try and tempt my appetite back. It was quick and easy to prepare and very tasty. I think it did what I wanted it to do as I have been gradually feeling better and my appetite is slowly creeping back.

I got my Deliveroo card through the post this week and can’t wait to give this new delivery service a try.. What shall I order? Indian? Thai? Italian? Spanish?  Decisions, decisions! I can’t wait to tell you about my experience.


It’s been a difficult week in the most part. My three day bug really took it out of me and left me feeling really groggy. I felt like I missed out on a few events because of it. I just didn’t have the energy plus I felt as if I couldn’t leave the house… I hope that next week will bring better health and lots of lovely things to write about. Have a good week yourselves…


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